Rachel Wong vs Olivia Wu defamation suit settled 'amicably', influencer accepts apology from Wu

Don't look back in anger.

Tan Min-Wei | August 16, 2022, 10:53 PM

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The lawsuit between Singaporean influencer Rachel Wong and Olivia Wu has been "resolved amicably".

Wong took Wu to court for defamation after the latter posted a series of six Instagram Stories titled “Cheater of 2020" in December 2020.

Wu apologises

According to a lawyer's letter shared by Wong on her Instagram Stories on Aug. 16, the dispute has been "resolved amicably thanks to efforts by both parties".

Image from @rachelwongggg/Instagram.

Wu's statement, which was reposted by Wong, state that the six Instagram Stories which she published on Dec. 21, 2020 alluded to Wong's "private personal life".

She added that the "dispute has attracted much unnecessary publicity which has hurt the both of [them]," along with their friends and family.

Wu wrote that she "sincerely" believes that the dispute should not continue.

Image from @wumaaan/Instagram.

Wu admitted that she did not know Wong personally, and that the comments which she made in her 2020 posts were "unnecessary". She concluded that she "would like to wholly withdraw [...] the allegations contained therein and apologise for the hurt" that she has caused to Wong.

The statement from Wong's legal reps stated that she has accepted Wu's apologies and hopes that both parties can now move on with their respective lives.

History of the case

In case you're still confused, here's a refresher: Wu's Instagram Stories from December 2020 accused Wong of infidelity in the run up to and during her 2019/2020 marriage with local footballer Anders Aplin.

If you're interested in the who what where when how, feel free to read our explainer here.

Wong took issue with Wu's posts, and the accusations she made, and decided to sue Wu for defamation.

In a twist of events, however, the influencer was ordered by the court to grant Wu's legal team access to her own correspondence, mainly text messages and diary entries.

Wong then attempted to prevent access to these documents by lodging an appeal.

However, in an unusually savage ruling, High Court judge Justice Choo Han Teck dismissed Wong's appeal, and also said, "By a combination of Instagram-speak and the utter failure of counsel to translate that into English, (Wong’s) statement of claim is filled with chaff."

Despite the "disappointing outcome", as Wong described it, it appears that the two parties have managed to find some kind of common ground.

For reasons unstated, it seems that they have decided that the lawsuit was not worth pursuing, and worked out a settlement agreement instead.

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