Fugitive couple involved in alleged luxury goods scam arrived at JB hotel at 10:30pm, arrested at 3:15am

Big brother is watching.

Lee Wei Lin | August 13, 2022, 06:10 PM

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Interesting nuggets of information about Pi Jiapeng and Pansuk Siriwipa's arrest have been made public, thanks to CCTV footage provided by budget accommodation BookMe Hotel.

A video of the alleged luxury good scammers was obtained by Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) and analysed by China Press.

The footage is believed to have been recorded from about 10:30pm on Aug. 10 to past 3am on Aug. 11.

Aug. 10, approximately 10:30pm

The couple arrives at the hotel, which has a "Full House" sign stuck on the front door.

They are not seen carrying any luggage. Pi is seen carrying a backpack.

Screenshot from China Press

They walk out of the hotel holding hands, and sit outside presumably to wait for an available room.

Screenshot from Shin Min Daily News

While waiting, they were seen hugging, holding hands and making comforting gestures to each other.

Pansuk was also spotted wiping tears from her eyes and leaning her head on Pi's shoulder multiple times.

Aug. 10, approximately 11pm

Three men -- presumably plainclothes policemen -- approach the couple and engage them in conversation.

After speaking for about two to three minutes, one of the men asks Pi to place his outstretched palms on the wall and searches him. Pi does not appear to resist.

Screenshot from Shin Min Daily News

Screenshot from Shin Min Daily News

Soon after, two other men -- also believed to be police officers -- make their appearance and the five men surround the couple.

Aug. 11, approximately 12:30am

The couple, along with the five men, enter the hotel.

At some point, the couple waits on the sofa -- apparently under the supervision of the two men on the left, who are believed to be plainclothes policemen.

Screenshot from China Press

Aug. 11, approximately 3:15am

All seven people leave the hotel together. China Press noted that the couple was presumably questioned until this time.

Vicinity believed to be popular among Singaporeans, Thai females

China Press spoke to a BookMe Hotel front-desk staff, who only identified herself as 32-year-old Fei.

She said she saw three police cars parked outside the hotel on the night of the arrest, and that there was also a "suspicious vehicle".

However, she clarified that she was "not sure" how the couple got to the hotel.

The Malaysian news outlet noted that BookMe Hotel is located near AEON Mall Bukit Indah, which is popular among Singaporeans.

A restaurant owner, who asked to remain anonymous, observed that Thai females frequent the area as well.

Also in the vicinity of BookMe Hotel are three other hotels, a Thai restaurant and a bar.

Top screenshots from Shin Min Daily News