Jeffrey Xu, 33, proposes to Felicia Chin, 37, after dating for 7 years


Mandy How | August 11, 2022, 05:43 PM

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Longtime lovebirds Jeffrey Xu and Felicia Chin are engaged.

The Mediacorp actor, 33, proposed to Chin, 37, on July 29, 2022 at the Night Safari.

The couple made a joint announcement on their Instagram pages today (Aug. 11), with a video of the proposal accompanying the post.

Veterans Zhu Houren and Chew Chor Meng were among the guests at the event.

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The occasion came as a complete surprise, Chin said during a couple interview with 8 World.

A friend had invited them to their baby's one-year celebration at the nocturnal zoo, and Chin had turned up expecting to attend a birthday party.

Until Xu pointed out a photo of them decorating the walkway to the event, that is.

When Chin realised that he was about to propose, she was apparently so nervous that she hesitated to move forward.

But it's a happy ending for the couple, of course.

Bought the ring years ago

Xu had begun planning for the proposal about two months prior, but as the couple spend plenty of time with each other, it was hard to keep it a secret from Chin.

It was only when Chin left for a longer holiday in Vancouver that Xu could properly organise it.

He also told CNA Lifestyle that that the ring was actually "ready many years ago".

The actor added: “At one Star Awards ceremony—I can’t remember which year—I told the media that I had already bought a ring.”

In her episode of "Hear U Out" in 2021, Chin had admitted that she felt stressed to a certain extent with regard to romance, career, marriage, and parenthood.

Comments about her age, the urgency for her to get hitched, and her biological clock also made her uncomfortable, she added.

However, Chin explained then, both she and Xu take the relationship very seriously, and felt that they needed a better foundation before moving to the next stage.

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