Jackson Wang departs S'pore to frenzy of fans, tidies up his own plates at Changi Airport

My mother approves.

Adelene Wee | August 15, 2022, 07:12 PM

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If you have been following us for the past week, you would have noticed that we were a little obsessed very much keeping up Jackson Wang-related news.

The GOT7 member was in town from Aug. 2 - 14 in partnership with Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to feature Singapore's refreshed destinations, host a party at Marquee nightclub, and promote his fashion label, MUDANCE.

Goodbye oppa

Photo by Adelene Wee

Photo by Adelene Wee

Photo by Adelene Wee

Fans of Wang crowded Changi Airport on the morning of Aug. 14 to catch him one last time before he left for Los Angeles (LA).

People Mothership spoke to said that they arrived at 6am to wait for Wang, even though his flight was around 9:30am.

Another fan told us that her friend had stayed over at the airport so that she could send Wang off.

Video by Adelene Wee

Screams could be heard from far when Wang arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 3 around 8:20am, acknowledging his fans and waving to them.

He strode past his pool of fans and bowed to them before making his way to the departure hall.

Tidying up after himself

Video via YGJ/XiaoHongShu

Shortly after, Wang was spotted dining at the departure hall with his team members.

After finishing his meal, the singer arranged the chairs and piled up his plates on a tray before bidding farewell to his fans once more.

Netizens' reactions

Comments left on this video are largely positive as Wang's manners made his fans adore him even more.

Screenshot via YGJ/Xiao HongShu

"Even though his staff are around, he still chose to clean his own plates, why can't I praise him? He cleaned up after dining at a friend's house in Thailand as well."

Screenshot via YGJ/Xiao HongShu

"Jackson's pleasant personality can be seen in the little things that he does. He cleared plates at a CEO's house in Thailand. This is the real Jackson Wang. "


Screenshot via YGJ/Xiao HongShu

"I think what the original poster is saying is that even though Jackson is dining with his team, he cleared his plates and did not let his team members help him. Jackson is really nice and I love him."

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Top image via Adelene Wee, YGJ/XiaoHongShu