Project SuperStar alums Hong Junyang, Candyce Toh welcome 2nd child 'after years of trying'

The 42-year-old says this will be her last pregnancy.

Lee Wei Lin | August 16, 2022, 12:02 PM

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Singaporean singers Hong Junyang, 40, and Candyce Toh, 42, welcomed their second child -- another daughter -- to the family on Aug. 12.

The Project SuperStar alums met on the reality programme in 2005 and got hitched in 2009.

Toh gave birth to their first daughter, Azalea, in April 2016.

Second and last pregnancy

On Mar. 9, 2022, the couple announced that their family was "finally expanding (...) after years of trying".

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Toh revealed that she had a "tough" first trimester and was "really sick", but she did not go into details.

When she was 36 weeks pregnant, she suffered from backaches, shortness of breath, fatigue, frequent urination, heartburn, insomnia, along with swollen limbs due to water retention.

She quipped that being pregnant with Azalea was "so different" as she did not have water retention and could "still walk gracefully like a normal human being".

In comparison, she felt that she walked like a "penguin (or) duck" this time around.

"Does age really make that much of a difference?" she questioned.

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Quick math tells us that she was pregnant with Azalea when she was 35.

Days before giving birth, Toh posted photos from her maternity shoot and shared that this will be her "last pregnancy".

Baby on board

Hong uploaded a photo taken in the delivery suite on Aug. 12.

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"Welcome to our family, baby Alessia! Now that u r with us, our life is complete (sic)," he gushed.

According to Toh's Instagram Stories update, she is set to be discharged from the hospital today.

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