Aetos protection specialists show how they escort Jackson Wang safely at Changi Airport

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Fasiha Nazren | August 16, 2022, 07:06 PM

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The last two weeks have been a whirlwind for Jackson Wang's Singaporean fans as the singer spent the first half of August gallivanting around the island.

Alas, he bade farewell to Singapore on Aug. 14.

As expected, Wang's departure from Singapore saw fans flocking to the airport to catch one last glimpse of their idol.

Professionally trained

Fans who were at his send-off would've also noticed an entourage of men and women in suits accompanying the international artiste.

These men and women in black, as revealed in a TikTok video by Aetos Holdings, are the security company's Executive Protection Specialists (EPS).

According to the video's description, these specialists have experience in providing close protection services for "ultra-high-net-worth" individuals like Wang.

Aetos's website also mentioned that these specialists are taught by internationally-recognised trainers from Singapore Police Security Command and Hong Kong VIP Protection Unit.

Here's a look at what they do:

@aetosholdings Watch how our Executive Protection Specialists (EPS) get prepared to escort @Jackson Wang 王嘉爾 잭슨 at Changi Airport yesterday 😎🛫 With our EPS's extensive experience and track record in providing close protection services for Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals, they made sure that Jackson Wang was safe at all times under their watch as he made his way to the departure hall ✈️ Annyeong Jackson! We hope you had as much fun in Singapore as we had seeing you! Come back soon! 🤍 #TeamAETOS #AETOSStrong #executiveprotection #jacksonwang #teamwang #fyp #jackson #singapore ♬ original sound - AETOS Holdings

In the video, you can see the specialists following Wang and his team closely as they enter Changi Airport's departure hall.

Around the 20-second mark, you can also see an eagle-eyed specialist going back to ensure Wang's safety while he interacts with fans.

Video from Aetos Holdings' TikTok.

Of course, they had to snap a picture with the superstar before he departed for Los Angeles.

Screenshot from Aetos Holdings TikTok.

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Top image screenshot from Aetos Holdings' TikTok.