Bukit Batok warehouse challenge: Fit as much salmon as you can in a bag within 10 seconds for S$10

Are you up for it?

Alfie Kwa | July 30, 2022, 08:03 PM

A warehouse in Bukit Batok is challenging customers to "catch as much salmon as [they] can" within 10 seconds.

Participants can bring the bag home for S$10—as long as they can fit their salmon in it.

What's up for grabs?

Happy Ice warehouse publicised the challenge on its Facebook page on July 23.

The challenge, which spans from July 26 to Aug. 9, is offering frozen Norwegian Smoked Salmon (S$4.90) and frozen Norwegian Salmon Sashimi (S$4.90).

Participants will have to fill in a registration form and buy a ticket (S$10) before attending the event.


Tickets are only limited to 500, and participants can purchase a bundle of tickets at one go.

Here are the prices if you want to buy more than one ticket:

  • Two tickets (S$18)
  • Three tickets (S$24)
  • Five tickets (S$40)
  • 10 tickets (S$78)

A plastic bag will be given to the participant for each ticket purchased.

Up to 30 packets "caught"

The warehouse has welcomed numerous participants so far.

There's even a leaderboard showing the highest number of packets one individual has managed to fit in their plastic bag.

The current winner managed to grab 30 packets in 10 seconds.

As a bonus, the top 10 winners will receive a S$100 dollar credit to buy salmon at any Norwegian Salmon ATM machines island-wide.

Happy Ice Pte Ltd

Address: Block 2021, #01-198, Bukit Batok Street 23, S659526

Opening Hours: From now until Aug. 9, 10am to 7pm. Sign up here.

Top image Happy Ice/FB.