S$2,000 fine for man who scratched Tesla car at Clementi after being 'annoyed' at the way it was driven

Caught in 4k.

Tan Min-Wei | July 10, 2022, 04:21 PM

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A man has been fined S$2,000 for scratching a Tesla model 3 in a public car-park.

Fined for Committing Mischief

39-year-old Hoon Jen Ken was fined S$2,000 for the offence of committing mischief, to which he had pled guilty, Today reported.

Hoon said during his mitigation plea that he did not know that he had done something wrong, but admitted that “it was a mistake on my part, it was something I shouldn’t have done.”

Hoon also asked that he should serve no jail time, and the judge noted that he had already paid for the damages to the car prior to being charged. It was also noted that the cost of repairs was “relatively low” at S$450.

Hoon could have been jailed for up to two years in addition to being fined.

Caught by the car's sentry mode

Hoon was caught on video scratching the Tesla on March 6, 2022.

The video was uploaded the same day.

The video was taken using the Tesla’s own sentry mode feature, which uses the car’s eight cameras to record its surroundings when someone or something approaches it.

It also alerts owners in real time about potential intrusions via a mobile app.

Hoon was wearing mask and carrying a number of plastic bags in his left hand.

Using  a key in his right hand, he scratched the length of the right side of the car, and even poked the car one more time before walking off.

Hoon said in court that he had been annoyed by the way the Tesla had been driven.

A few minutes later he recognised the car, now parked, near Block 379 Clementi Avenue 5, and scratched it.

The Tesla’s owner, a 36-year-old man, returned 30 minutes later and saw the scratch mark.

Using the camera footage from the right side body camera, he made a police report at the Clementi Neighbourhood Police Centre and sent his car for repairs.

Top image via SG Road Vigilante/Facebook