Lion City Sailors head coach allegedly headbutts Tampines Rovers assistant coach during match, police report made

Intense match.

Syahindah Ishak | July 25, 2022, 06:19 PM

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The Singapore Premier League (SPL) match between Lion City Sailors and Tampines Rovers at the Jalan Besar Stadium on Sunday (Jul. 24) turned sour near the end when both sides got into an intense scuffle on the field.

What happened?

Scuffle between both sides during the match

Around the 87th minute of the match, with the score levelled at 1-1, things became heated as Tampines forward Boris Kopitović confronted Sailors defender Nur Adam Abdullah near the sideline.

The situation then took a turn for the worse as other players, as well as coaches and staff from both sides got themselves involved in the tussle.

The alleged headbutt

Those who got involved included Sailors head coach Kim Do-hoon, who appeared to have headbutted Tampines assistant coach Mustafic Fahrudin.

Fahrudin was then seen clutching his face in pain as he walked towards the bench.

Kim was given a yellow card by the referee before the match resumed.

Police report made

According to The Straits Times, a police report was filed by Tampines officials on the alleged headbutting incident.

Shoving from both sides after the match

The match eventually ended with a 2-1 victory to the Sailors, thanks to a last-minute goal from Sailors defender Pedro Henrique.

After the match, Kim and Fahrudin were seen shaking hands.

However, tensions arose again as players and staff from both sides began confronting and shoving one another.

FAS looking into it

Following the match, the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) released a statement saying it is aware of the "alleged incidents" that occurred during and after the match.

"The FAS is awaiting the relevant reports from the match commissioner and will review video footages to assist in the internal investigation," the statement added.

Statements from both head coaches

In a post-match report by Lion City Sailors, Kim apologised for what happened.

He said:

"Results aside, we would like to apologise to the fans for showing such emotions.

Emotions can get rough during a game and it’s up to us to control it. It got a bit heated, but we’ll make sure this won’t happen again."

As reported by The Straits Times, Kim also wanted to emphasise that he apologised and made up with the Tampines Rovers side at the end of the match.

Meanwhile, Tampines Rovers head coach Gavin Lee said, according to ST, that it is "not [his] duty" to address what happened.

"It is for the (league) management and for the authorities to look into," he added.

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