No-holds-barred review: KFC Korea's mint choco dipping sauce as tested by a mint choco hater

Cursed food or genius idea?

Lee Wei Lin | July 22, 2022, 05:39 PM

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South Korea loves its mint chocolate so much that it's incorporated it into just about any type of food and drink -- including soju.

Earlier this month, KFC Korea introduced a mint choco dipping sauce, which they claim is a mix of the "refreshing taste(s) of dark and sweet chocolate and mint."

As non-fans of mint choco (Editor: speak for yourself), we were naturally skeptical about how this sauce would go with fried chicken, but decided to take the plunge for science.

Expectations vs reality

The sauce was launched in collaboration with delivery service Baedal Minjok (loosely translated to delivery people), which could explain the turquoise-like shade they used for the promo photos.

Photo from KFC Korea

It's available from now until Aug. 8, 2022 at selected KFC stores in South Korea at 900 won (S$0.95) for a 30g tub.

We were in for a shock when we opened the packaging because the colour was vastly different from what we expected:

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

One colleague commented that it looked like Zam-buk, while another likened it to something else that isn't suitable to be published (something to do with the Hulk).

Photo from Zam-Buk

Taste test

We first tried it out with chicken tenders:

Video by Lee Wei Lin

As you can probably tell, the dip is very viscous and not very, well, sauce-y.

It smelled like toothpaste, and to nobody's surprise, it tasted like toothpaste too.

A very jelak, sugar-intense toothpaste.

The taste was so strong that we could no longer taste the chicken -- it was like chowing on crispy toothpaste. Not an experience that we'd like to repeat.

Undeterred, we tried it out with their cajun fries:

Alas, we were met with the same result.


We rate this a 2/10, with the points awarded solely for how gimmicky it is -- you'll want to try it for yourself to see how bad it can be.

Would we eat this again? Not even if we were starving.

We're of the opinion that mint flavour belongs in toothpaste and actual mints.

Are we bringing tubs back to Singapore to poison share with our colleagues? You bet.

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

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