Busker Jeff Ng does first public gig after cancelling shows, says he has 'learnt his lesson & grown up'

More public performances to come.

Kayla Wong | July 31, 2022, 11:55 AM

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Singaporean busker Jeff Ng, who cancelled his public performances in July after his ex-girlfriend accused him of abuse during their relationship, has emerged publicly for a gig after going under the radar for a month.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, whose reporter approached Ng to speak to him, he was the opening act for a series of performances on Saturday, July 30, at the imPAct Open House organised by the People's Association at Hong Lim Green.

When he started singing at 5pm, the crowd was said to have been thin, but more joined over time, with the Zaobao reporter estimating there were 30 to 40 people.

"Happy" to see his fans come support him

Before starting his performance, which included a medley of songs by Jay Chou, Jason Zheng, Zhang Yuan and JJ Lin, Ng greeted the audience with a smile and said in Mandarin, "I'm happy since it's been a while since I last saw everyone."

Ng also informed his fans that he will have further public performances when National Day comes around.

When Zaobao approached him after he finished his last number, he didn't shy away from questions and appeared friendly, but also didn't seem to want to talk much.

Besides saying he was happy to see his fans and the audience supporting him, he also said he has been doing some composing in the past month, adding that he will be releasing his new songs next.

When asked if he's worried that his popularity would take a hit after his ex went public with her allegations of him, he said: "Let nature take its course, the most important thing is my music, (these experiences) have also inspired me to write more songs."

As for what the experience has taught him, Ng said he has learnt to "respect every single person who comes to watch his show".

"I've learnt from this, and have grown up. I'll still be making music."

The Zaobao reporter also noted that he thanked her before quickly ending the interview and leaving the premises.

Ng's wife says he's "a changed man"

In her exposé of Ng, Ng's former partner, Lena Ng, had accused him of controlling and abusive behaviour during their relationship, saying that he had manipulated her into obeying him "like a dog", and that she felt fearful of "incurring his wrath".

She also claimed that he would "beg and cry" whenever she tried to break up with him, and even stalked her and threatened to end his life until she agreed to stay with him.

Eventually, when they did break up, she alleged that Ng continued to contact her. She also said she felt "damaged" for a long time after their relationship ended.

Hours after her post went public, Ng posted an apology, saying he was "sincerely sorry" for his behaviour. He also said he was "young and reckless" in his 20s, and had "allowed [his] emotions to get the better of [him]".

Ng's wife, Zona Tay, has also defended him in a public comment, saying he is "a changed man" and is "an awesome husband" to her.

Thereafter, more accusations of Ng surfaced, including allegations that he would scold patrons at the bar he was singing at if he saw that they were talking among themselves.

A clip of a livestream that he held in the past also showed his unhappiness when online users were chatting and not listening to him sing. He could be heard saying in the clip, "If y'all don't want to leave, it's fine, I'll leave."

Top image via Jeff Ng/Facebook & 茉莉/YouTube