People in China eat mangosteens like apples & post bad reviews of 'bitter' taste to troll other people

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Fiona Tan | July 03, 2022, 05:02 AM

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Mangosteen, regarded as the queen of fruit in Southeast Asia, is well-loved owing to its delectable sweet and sour taste.

However, some people in China beg to differ -- for the lulz.

"Bitter", "astringent" and not worth it

These individuals took to Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu, or Little Red Book, to express their disgust for the purplish-brown fruit.

One apparently confused individual said they did not get the tropical fruit's hype, bemoaning that it was not only bitter and astringent, but also expensive.

The reviewer said: "I really don’t understand why and how can so many people like to eat mangosteen. It’s bitter, astringent and expensive. 🤢"

Image screenshot from Xiaohongshu.

Another individual shared similar sentiments and found the fruit unbearably astringent after trying mangosteen for the first time.

For uninitiated, mangosteen and durian are mostly imported into China from Southeast Asia.

As such, they are regarded as exotic fruits and are highly sought after in the country.

This led to the reviewer to jump on the bandwagon after seeing others rave about the exotic fruit and claim that they had to scrimp and save to be able to afford just a handful of mangosteens.

Image screenshot from Xiaohongshu.

One reviewer found the taste of mangosteens so off-putting that they tossed the lot into the rubbish bin.

Image screenshot from Xiaohongshu.

Bite into mangosteen like apple

The individuals shared photos along with their distaste for the fruit, where teeth marks can be seen on the mangosteen's purplish-brown peel.

These photos were to convey the impression that the reviewer had taken a bite of the fruit like an apple or pear by sinking their teeth into the mangosteen's hard exterior skin.

Image from Xiaohongshu.

Image from Xiaohongshu.

The joke is thus on the reviewers who are so uncouth that they consumed the fruit erroneously, and were none the wiser.

Turns out that they were just trolling

Naturally, the wrong opinions that these individuals put out caused a stir that resulted in angry comments.

Many were quick to jump in and educate the seemingly clueless individuals.

Image from Xiaohongshu.

What these well-meaning individuals did not realise was that their agitated reaction was exactly what the wrong reviews were trying to compel.

It was revealed in the comments section that the negative reviews were merely trolling and done for kicks.

This then led to some individuals to chime in with their own ironic advice by cautioning others against consuming the mangosteen's white flesh by claiming it is poisonous.

Other individuals jumped in on the fun and advised people to throw the white pulp away.

Image from Xiaohongshu.

Image from Xiaohongshu.

Image from Xiaohongshu.

Chinese trollin'

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