Security guard stops TikTok dancing man Uncle Raymond mid-dance in ITE College West

"Thanks for meeting. Be happy."

Fiona Tan | June 14, 2022, 12:36 PM

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The TikTok dancing man, Uncle Raymond, who goes around Singapore to meet and dance with strangers in public, is frequently allowed to do his thing.

Even though he has been warmly received on the social media platform, it seems that not all in Singapore are willing to give him a free pass.

Danced at ITE College West assembly hall

While going about his most recent number, Uncle Raymond, whose moniker is @raymondl88 on TikTok, appeared at ITE College West to meet with some students in Singapore.

According to his video, Raymond said he was invited to this meet and greet, but he did not specify who extended the invite.

He managed to get a dance in the ITE College West assembly hall.

Some 20 students accompanied Raymond as they synchronised danced to the manyao cover of Faye Wong's "Hundred Years of Solitude (百年孤寂)".

@raymondl88 Thanks for ITE WEST Inviting me thanks for meeting be happy let’s move #itepoly #singapore #raymondl88 ♬ 百年孤寂 - 183😜

Stopped by security at ITE College West

However, he did not meet with the same success during his attempt to dance at the school's main square, as seen in another TikTok uploaded by user @sgvirallll.

It is unclear whether the video was shot before or after Raymond's video.

As per Raymond's signature dance routine, it was clear he was stopped almost immediately after he began his self-choreographed dance sequence.

Image screenshot from @@sgvirallll/TikTok.

A male security officer, followed by a female clad in black long sleeve, both of whom are presumably staff from ITE College West, approached Raymond and the three other students to stop them mid-dance.

Stopped dancing

Raymond reacted promptly and grabbed his mobile phone, which was mounted on a tripod stand, while the three students froze with their arms raised in the air and appeared to not know what to do next.

Image screenshot from @@sgvirallll/TikTok.

There was likely a crowd of students watching Raymond perform his dance with the students as loud jeers and boos can be echoing in the background, accompanied by a let down female who groaned: "Oh, man!"

Raymond, however, appeared to take it in his stride and folded his tripod stand promptly.

According to @sgvirallll, Raymond was apparently kicked out of the campus.

Split reaction

People who have seen the TikTok video had split reactions, some were disappointed that Raymond was stopped from dancing, while others said the security officer and female staff were simply doing their job.

Others commended how Raymond handled the situation and said he did so with grace and respect.

You can watch the TikTok below:

@sgvirallll uncle raymond got kicked out #fyp #sgfyp #sg #trending #crazy ♬ original sound - trollrr - patootie

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Top image screenshot from @@sgvirallll/TikTok