Sushi Express increases prices to S$2++ per plate for some items, including salmon sashimi

Oh no.

Lee Wei Lin | June 28, 2022, 01:20 PM

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Sushi Express has raised prices for some items on its menu, including salmon sashimi and salmon nigiri.

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

The conveyer belt sushi chain quietly made the change this month, and their website has yet to be updated with the new prices.

TikTok user @jennnncera posted a video lamenting the price change about a week ago:

@jennnnceraI thought i was at the wrong place fr♬ DEAR.CUPID - IVE.official

Twitter user @hyoribo_m3lly also noted the shrinkflation that's been going on:

Math time

In the good ol' days, salmon sashimi at Sushi Express cost S$1.50++ for three slices, which works out to S$1.77 a plate, or S$0.59 a slice.

Now, at S$2++ for two slices, it's about S$1.18 per slice.

That's a twofold increase. Sad.

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