Prima Deli S'pore has limited edition cookies & cream waffles till July 31, 2022

Om nom nom.

Lee Wei Lin | June 21, 2022, 09:23 PM

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If you love cookies and cream, this one’s for you.

Prima Deli recently launched a new filling for its popular waffles: cookies and cream.

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

As its name suggests, the filling is made with a spread of cream and cookie crumble, and it goes for S$2.50 each.

Getting our order

After placing our order, the familiar aroma of waffles wafted through the air. Once it was ready, the staff cooled the waffle down by waving it around -- and we realised why that was so important moments later.

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

The cream piped onto the waffle looked like it would melt if its base was too hot, and ours was very expertly piped on.

A generous serving of crushed cookie bits was added shortly after.

Here's a better look at what we got:

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

It looked almost too good to be true.

Taste test

The cream filling felt surprisingly light -- perhaps a little too light -- and it felt like we were eating waffles with Oreo biscuits sans cream.

The good news is that this waffle doesn't get jelak even after finishing it, but the bad news is that if you're into stronger-tasting desserts, this one's probably not for you.

Disclaimer: not all orders will look as pretty as ours

After sharing these photos with our colleague, they decided to get one for themselves.

Oddly enough, theirs didn't look quite as Instagram-ready as the one we had:

Photo by Fasiha Nazren

Even stranger was one of our colleagues giving the waffle a solid eight out of ten ("It's surprisingly not surfeiting") when we felt that it was only worthy of a five or a six.

If you're curious enough to try it and rate it for yourself, you'll have to do it soon as it will only be available till Jul. 31.

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