PAP's Henry Kwek attends Pink Dot 2022, first ever MP to do so

An unexpected appearance.

Sulaiman Daud | June 18, 2022, 05:51 PM

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This year's in-person Pink Dot event, coming after two years of the pandemic, drew big crowds.

Among the teeming multitudes was a Member of Parliament (MP) from the ruling People's Action Party (PAP), Henry Kwek.

Kwek the first ever MP to attend Pink Dot

Kwek, who represents Kebun Baru SMC, was seen walking among the crowd and taking photos with some fellow attendees.

Mothership confirmed with the spokesperson from Pink Dot that Kwek is the first ever Member of Parliament to attend the event.

He was wearing a light pink shirt and white trousers.

According to Pink Dot's official Instagram page, Kwek visited the community groups at the community tent, speaking to the people there.

He also posed for a photo beside a row of letterboxes with the names of different constituencies.

Photo from Pink Dot Instagram.

According to the volunteers on the ground who spoke to Mothership, Pink Dot attendees can write a message on a placard, and hold it up for a photo.

Pink Dot will take an instant photo of the attendees with the placard, and then send these photos to the respective MPs of the attendees, along with an enclosed message if the attendee wants to include one.

Photo by Mothership.

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Top image from Pink Dot's Instagram page.