100kg false ceiling that fell in Queenstown HDB flat held up by some 50 screws: Contractor

Not just four screws.

Belmont Lay | June 16, 2022, 04:14 PM

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The false ceiling that collapsed in a HDB flat on June 8 was held up on four sides by some 50 screws, and not just four, the contractor behind its installation said.

The four screws that were seen exposed after the 100kg structure fell were affixed in the centre of the ceiling and were not the only screws, a spokesperson for the contractor, SR Tech Engineering, told Yahoo News Singapore.

This was in reference to photos and a video showing the collapsed false ceiling, which drew the attention of online commenters who pointed out the placement of the four screws and assuming that they were all that held the structure in place.

In the video, the homeowner, Wendy Liu, 40, could be heard repeatedly saying in Mandarin off-camera, while filming the aftermath of the incident in the master bedroom: "How terrifying."

The contractor said the work was carried out in January 2022 and they are unsure what caused the collapse, but did not rule out vibrations of the concrete slab as a possibility.

SR Tech Engineering removed from its Facebook page a January video of the completed ceiling.

Paying to house family in hotel

The contractor is currently paying S$706 per day to accommodate the family of five at a hotel, it was also revealed.

They are also working to repair the damages and carrying out for free lighting works the customer asked for.

"We offered them compensation twice of the ceiling work amount which was S$1,100," the contractor said.

"As a contractor, we trying our best to solve the matter."

Top photo via Shin Min Daily News