Married for 50 years, man, 79, devastated after wife, 75, killed in Boon Keng truck accident

He was visibly distraught and in tears at the funeral.

Fiona Tan | June 14, 2022, 09:28 PM

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A 75-year-old woman passed away on June 9 after a tipper trunk ran her over at Boon Keng.

Married for 50 years

Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) spoke to 79-year-old Zhang Jian De, the widower and husband of the deceased woman, Wu Mei Jun (all names in hanyu pinyin).

Zhang and Wu were married for 50 years, the widower told SMDN at the funeral held over the weekend.

Image from Shin Min Daily News/Facebook.

The couple enjoyed going for holidays in Malaysia and Indonesia, but grew to become homebodies after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Zhang is a retired bus driver.

SMDN noted that he was clearly in mourning, as he looked forlorn and tired at the funeral.

"I'll be alone for the rest of my life"

Overcome with emotion and unable to hold back his tears, he told the Chinese daily, "I'll be alone for the rest of my life."

Image from Shin Min Daily News/Facebook.

The couple has no biological children of their own, but it is not for their lack of trying, revealed Zhang.

He shared that they simply had no success, even after consulting a doctor about their fertility.

They became godparents to a man who was born by Zhang's close friend.

Did not believe that wife had met in accident

Zhang learnt that Wu had met with an accident from his neighbour's daughter, according to SMDN.

At that point, he could not believe his ears and thought that he was perhaps being scammed.

The police subsequently confirmed with him that Wu was involved in an accident.

When Zhang went to the scene of the accident, he was so distraught that he was unable to recognise his wife.

Image from Shin Min Daily News/Facebook.

Zhang was seen being comforted by his family members, who were also at the scene.

They held on to him at the scene.

He told SMDN that he only came to terms that it was his wife when the attending police officers read out Wu's name.

Did not want late wife to work

Wu was working as a part-time housekeeper.

Zhang said he had persuaded his wife to stop working, even though she was still in good health.

However, she insisted on working despite her husband's best efforts.

He even told her that they could sell their three-room flat and move into a smaller unit in order for her to be able to stay home.

The couple reached a compromise and Wu halved her workload -- she was working three days a week, compared to the six days a week previously.

"Rest in peace"

On the day of the incident on June 9, Zhang said Wu left the house for work at 6am, which was usual for her.

She would typically return home between 4pm to 5pm but failed to do so.

Wu was believed to be on her way home from work when she got caught in the wheels of a tipper truck, which was driving out of a lot.

Image from Traffics

The 46-year-old truck driver was arrested for careless driving causing death, reported The Straits Times.

The accident happened around the vicinity of Block 11 and 13 Upper Boon Keng Road at around 3:45pm.

Wu was pronounced dead at the scene by a paramedic.

Zhang told SMDN that he was not waiting for his wife to return home on that day, but little did he know that an unexpected accident would claim her life.

Zhang and Wu's younger sister hope to seek an explanation from the truck driver or his hiring company so that they can have some form of closure.

When asked if he had any last parting words, Zhang tearfully bade his wife farewell and said: "Rest in peace."

Background of incident

Top image from Shin Min Daily News' Facebook and website