S'porean took 7 hours just to drive back from Johor Bahru to S'pore on Sunday

He gave up waiting at Tuas checkpoint and drove to Woodlands checkpoint.

Belmont Lay | June 22, 2022, 02:53 AM

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A Singaporean man was stuck along the Second Link for three hours on Sunday, June 19 -- only to give up waiting there and making a U-turn to re-enter Singapore via the Woodlands checkpoint and finally clearing immigration at 9pm.

He filmed what was essentially his odyssey from Johor Bahru to Singapore and put up at least two videos on TikTok.

Reached Second Link at 2pm

The jam occurred in the afternoon, which involved plenty of other motorists who were also trying to make their way back to Singapore.

The man, whose TikTok moniker is v.raj, replied to comments on one video explaining that he had reached the Second Link land crossing at 2pm.

Traffic was at a standstill for the next few hours.

He wrote: "We were there at 2pm we waiting and tried clearing traffic till like 4pm."

Ate outside of vehicle

The wait at the Second Link saw the man and others having to step out for a breather.

One video showed the man and others outside their vehicles eating a packet of food -- putu mayam, to be exact -- on the car bonnet.

@v.raj___ Jam thingz #fyp #tuascheckpoint #jam #trafficjam #dead #johor #malaysia @Kishant Isaac ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) - 山口夕依

It also showed other motorists doing likewise, standing on the road, despite the weather being very hot that day.

The man claimed he helped to direct traffic at one point and that some motorists apparently went to the grass patch to relieve themselves there.

Went other land crossing

But the Singaporean man apparently gave up waiting at the Second Link, made a U-turn, and headed to the Causeway to re-enter Singapore via the Woodlands checkpoint instead.

According to him, the jam at the Causeway was "not as bad" and he managed to return to Singapore by 9pm.

In total, his journey took seven hours after trying to clear immigration at two land checkpoints on Malaysia's side.

Tuas checkpoint jammed over weekend

The jam over the last second weekend of June 2022 saw a tour bus of 11 Singapore tourists stuck along the Second Link for more than four hours on Saturday, June 18, despite setting off at 7:30am to go to Melaka.

They were supposed to reach Melaka by noon, but were understood to have still been waiting to clear immigration at that time.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has issued several advisories informing Singaporeans of heavy traffic at the land checkpoints this June holidays.

Over the June 10 to June 12 weekend, Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints saw 267,000 travellers per day.

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