Actress Sheila Sim talks about reality of marriage, thanks those who appreciated 'authenticity' of her Mother's Day post

"Some days I love him more. Some days I love him less," Sim said.

Karen Lui | May 10, 2022, 01:37 PM

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Singaporean actress Sheila Sim wrote a follow-up to her Instagram post on Mother's Day.

Unlike the usual mushy Mother's Day post, Sim showed the realistic side of how some mothers might feel under-appreciated by their partners during this season.

Besides explaining why she felt so, the 38-year-old expressed her gratitude to her "followers who appreciate the authenticity albeit it being bitter sometimes" in her follow-up Instagram post.

"Not always a bed of roses"

The model begins her Instagram caption by thanking friends, family, and strangers for their Mother's Day wishes and sharing that she has read the messages from those who share her woe with "love and compassion".

Life and relationships are not always a bed of roses, she said and proceeded to illustrate the ups and downs that many relationships typically experience.

"Some days I love him more. Some days I love him less. Some days I just want to kill him. Some posts I sing praises about him, 100 others more I share about Positive Psychology, 1 I write sh*tty things about my husband.

I want to say This is called Balance; Yin Yang. But no it's not. Bcos 1 sh*tty post about my husband is me being very conservative. Lol!"

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"Different things just hit different people at different spots," Sim explained, asserting that Mother's Day may not be a big deal for some people but it is for her.

She appealed to people not to judge others and to read with "kindness and compassion".

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Mother to one

Sim's daughter Layla was born in September 2020.

She married 41-year-old banker, Dean Woo, in January 2018, and conceived after undergoing surgery to remove fibroids in her womb.

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