Foreign domestic worker who surprised S'porean bride during wedding says she was too shy to wear a dress


Fiona Tan | May 05, 2022, 01:59 PM

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A former foreign domestic worker, who was flown in to Singapore from the Philippines as a surprise guest to attend the wedding of a woman she took care of for more than two decades, has won hearts online following the emotional reunion and sweet union.

Image screenshot from @otter.tots/TikTok.

The 28-year-old bride Kelly Chua (@otter.totts) put up a subsequent TikTok video to share more about her former domestic worker, Lita, and to openly thank her for being part of her life.

@otter.totts One week went by just like that, I can’t believe she’s heading home tomorrow already… 😭 #yayalita #fyp #imissyoualready ♬ original sound - otter.totts

"I feel very shy to wear a nice dress"

One of the queries addressed in the video was regarding why Lita was not wearing a dress during the wedding.

Image screenshot from @otter.tots/TikTok.

She was seen attending the wedding in a coral pink shirt and dark grey pants.

In response, Lita said: "I feel very shy to wear a nice dress, otherwise other people will look at me."

The Filipino woman then went on to dismiss the importance of her attire in comparison to the momentous occasion.

She said: "As long as I can attend your wedding, that one is the most important thing because I miss you (Chua). I love you."

"Teary eyes"

As Lita continued conversing with Chua, she started getting emotional and disclosed that she was getting tears in her eyes.

The sweet older woman attempted to disguise her emotions by taking a bite of her frozen yogurt ice cream and laughing it off.

The emotional bond that Lita shared with Chua, a girl that she has watched grown up and helped to raise during her 27 years of employment with Chua's family, is clear to see.

Lita said: "I tried my best to come, to attend your wedding, so that I can make you (Chua) happy. I want you to be happy on your wedding day."

The video ended off with Lita saying "take care" and wishing Chua the best before she returned home to the Philippines.

Image screenshot from @otter.tots/TikTok.

Image screenshot from @otter.tots/TikTok.

Image screenshot from @otter.tots/TikTok.

An earlier video showed Chua showing Lita around Singapore and going shopping.

@otter.totts Reply to @elmevin27 Cherishing every moment I have with her before she heads home ❤️ #yayalita #fyp ♬ It's a Beautiful Day - Evan McHugh


Before Lita returned home to the Philippines three years ago, she worked for Chua's family for 27 years, and took care of the recently married woman since she was a baby.

Chua addresses Lita as yaya, which is Tagalog for "caretaker", and regarded her as her "second mother".

Chua was initially informed that Lita would not be able to attend her wedding as her passport was not renewed, but this was a ploy by the bride's brother to fly the former domestic helper in as a surprise.

Wedding bells ringing

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