JB version of Daiso selling everything for RM2.20 (S$0.70), outlet 8km from S'pore

Everything is a steal.

Belmont Lay | May 07, 2022, 12:37 PM

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Is Daiso in Singapore getting you down because of their new GST-induced tiered pricing ranging from S$2.14 to S$25.47?

Well, let Johor, Malaysia provide you refuge yet again as there are Daiso-like shops there that sell everyday household items for RM2.20, or S$0.70 each.

A post about Eco-Shop @ Southern City Johor was shared to the Daiso & Lobang Lovers SG Facebook group on May 6.

The post said:

Finally back at Johor for a shopping spree. The feeling is SHIOK!! Sharing my favorite cum secret shopping spot in Malaysia. Unlike Daiso who is going into tiered pricing, it's guaranteed flat price here. Everything and anything is RM 2.20 about SGD 0.70. Outlets are usually out of the way. Had a new outlet 7km from the checkpoint.

Imagine the shopping feel of Daiso Divide by 3 for every item you take? No need to think. Just grab!! Youtrip credit card accepted. Best exchange rates on the spot. No need to change cash.

The YouTrip card is a prepaid Mastercard that is able to lock in up to 10 different currencies anytime via the YouTrip in-app currency exchange function.

What is Eco-Shop?

Eco-Shop is known for selling cheap household items and accessories, which were originally priced at RM2.10, but has since been raised to RM2.20.

According to the post, the outlet patronised by the person from Singapore is located at Eco-Shop @ Southern City Johor.

It is about 8km away from Singapore and a 20 to 30-minute drive from the Woodlands Checkpoint.

It was opened fairly recently in December 2020 during the height of the pandemic.

Other outlets exist in Johor but they are located at fairly remote areas that are less accessible.

Items available appear to be similar to offerings found at Mr DIY in Singapore.

All photos via Daiso & Lobang Lovers SG except top left photo via Google Maps