M'sia halting chicken exports: SFA urges consumers to be open to other meat options, buy only what they need

The agency also advised consumers to buy only what they need.

Nyi Nyi Thet | May 23, 2022, 10:47 PM

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In response to reports that Malaysia is halting their chicken exports, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) released a Facebook update on the situation.

SFA noted that about 34 per cent of Singapore's chicken imports in 2021 were from Malaysia.

"Approximately 34% of Singapore’s chicken imports in 2021 are from Malaysia (almost all are imported as live chickens which are slaughtered and chilled in Singapore)."

SFA added that they will be closely monitoring the situation on imports from Malaysia and working with stakeholders to minimise the impact on Singapore's chicken supply.

"For example, they will activate their supply chains to increase imports of chilled chicken from alternative sources, increase import of frozen chicken from existing non-Malaysia suppliers, or draw from their stocks of poultry."

SFA assured consumers that while there may be temporary distributions to the supply of chilled chicken, frozen chicken options remain available.

They strongly encourage consumers to be open to switching choices "within and across food groups (such as consuming frozen chicken instead of chilled)" and switching to other sources of meat products.

SFA also advised consumers to buy only what they need.


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