Temperatures hit 36.8°C in S'pore on Apr. 1, highest recorded temperature since 1983


Jane Zhang | May 14, 2022, 12:36 PM

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Singapore has been hot recently. Like, really hot.

In fact, temperatures hit an all-time high since 1983 on Apr. 1, 2022, with a temperature of 36.8°C recorded at Admiralty that day.

Second-highest temperature of 36.8°C

According to Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), inter-monsoon conditions, which began in the second half of March and continued throughout April, brought warm weather, afternoon thundery showers, and light variable winds.

Climatologically, MSS added, April is one of the warmest months of the year.

MSS forecasted warm weather conditions for April 2022, estimating that the daily maximum temperature could reach 35°C or even higher on less cloudy days.

The daily maximum temperature was recorded to be above 34°C on 13 days in April, and it was at least 35°C on seven of those days.

On Apr. 1, a temperature of 36.8°C was recorded at Admiralty.

According to MSS data, this is the second-highest temperature ever recorded in Singapore.

The record high was 37°C on Apr. 17, 1983 at Tengah.

Temperatures previously also hit 36.8°C  at Seletar on Sep. 30, 2016.

Not in the midst of a heatwave

Despite the scorching heat recently, though, Singapore is not considered to be going through a heatwave, MSS told The Straits Times (ST).

To be considered a heatwave, the daily maximum temperature must be at least 35°C on three days in a row, and the daily mean temperature throughout the period should be at least 29°C.

MSS said that according to its records, Singapore has experienced one or two heatwaves per decade and the last one was in April 2016, ST reported.

MSS also added that the thundery showers during April helped to moderate the overall temperature. About half of Singapore recorded above-normal rainfall, with rainfall recorded at Sentosa being a whopping 78 percent above average.

April 2022 was the third-coolest April in the past decade, MSS said.

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Top photo via Peter Leong on Unsplash.