S'pore otter family can't enter condo as fat ones keep getting stuck at gate grilles

Eating too much fish.

Belmont Lay | April 18, 2022, 07:10 PM

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Having eaten too much fish from the wild and other people's ponds, it appears otters are getting too big to move around nimbly.

A video put up by a Singapore otters watcher on April 17 showed the Zouk family attempting to enter a condominium in Alexandra.

The only obstacle?

Trying to squeeze in between the narrow grilles -- which are not even that closely spaced.

Looking for fish?

The family, known as Zouk 14, was in exploratory mood that day as they gathered at the side gate of the private housing compound, probably looking for their next snack.

Some of the otters were peering in, while others, slim enough, had already made their way in between the grilles of the wall surrounding the condo.

One otter tried twice, but failed to get past and could only watch its other family members go through with ease.

The rest, too fat to enter as well, could only contend with grovelling outside.

Unable to process how fat it has become, the same otter then tried again to get through the gate grille -- to no avail.

Gave up

As the girth of their love handles would have it, the otters gave up when more than half of the family were still stuck outside of the condominium's compound.

Those that got in appeared to be juvenile otters.

The otters then decided to leave instead of humiliating themselves further.

One otter ended up being left behind as it suddenly could not go back out through the same gate grilles.

According to a comment by the person who shot the video, the otter did eventually squeeze its way through to rejoin its family.

All media via Chun Kit Soo/ Fast Snail