Otters kill 8 koi fish & 50 goldfish reared for 13 years in Yio Chu Kang, family dog couldn't save them

The family is mourning the loss.

Alfie Kwa | March 17, 2022, 12:50 AM

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In the wee hours of Mar. 16, a home in Seletar Hills Estate in Yio Chu Kang was visited by a group of otters.

The otters ended up killing over 50 fishes in the private pond.

Evidence of what the otters did was shared with by the owner and reader.

Pet fishes killed

Image courtesy of Coral Liaw.

On Mar. 16, the otters entered the house through gaps between the iron bars of the front gate, and proceeded to the pond.

The otters killed eight koi fish and 50 Tamasabas goldfish.

The owner said she and her family have been raising their "award-winning" koi fish for 13 years.

Koi fish and tamasabas goldfish. Image courtesy of Coral Liaw.

Image courtesy of Coral Liaw.

She described the attack as the "sheer brutality of Mother Nature".

Family dog did not intervene

While the owner did not state how many otters entered the home, the family's pet dog, Danny, a 12-year-old Belgian Malinois and a six-year veteran formerly with the police force, was overwhelmed by the number of otters.

The dog did not intervene.

This is Danny. Image courtesy of Coral Liaw.

The owner said:

"He could only stand by helplessly as he watched our eight award-winning kois and 50 Tamasabas (giant goldfish) attacked and left for dead."

Otters do attack if provoked.

No one's to blame

The owner said she does not blame the otters for the incident.

Nonetheless, her and her family are "gravely mourning" the death of their koi fish.

She added: "My sincere hope is for other koi owners to start fencing up their property or at least the area around the koi so that this will not happen to anyone else."


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Image courtesy of Coral Liaw.