Woman explains what happened after she appears in TikTok videos over Vicks cream at Marine Parade FairPrice

The woman was alerted to the man's actions at the aisle when the sound of a bottle cap dropping was heard.

Belmont Lay | Irwan Shah | April 15, 2022, 02:25 PM

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The woman who was seen and heard in the Marine Parade FairPrice Finest outlet speaking sternly to staff and fellow patrons over an incident about Vicks cream, has come out to provide details on how the entire incident transpired and what subsequently happened.

The woman had allegedly seen a man replacing back on the shelf an unpaid Vicks cream product, which she suspected he took a whiff of after removing the bottle from the box and opening it.

This was after she and her older daughter heard the sound of a bottle cap dropping on the ground, which drew their attention to the man along the aisle.

The man, according to TikTok videos of the incident by @theryandudee on April 11, was supposedly only taking a look at the Vicks cream.

The videos, posted by the man's son, said the product was already unsealed.

Man was also seen by her daughter

Relating the incident to Mothership.sg, the woman said she was shopping with her two daughters, aged 10 and 12, at that time and at the same aisle as the man.

They were browsing items when they heard the sound of a cap dropping on the ground.

The woman said: "Both me and my older daughter turned around and saw the perp pick up the cap, pull up his mask and capped up the bottle. My daughter saw him place the bottle back in the box and put it back on the shelf."

The man, she reiterated, was alone at that time at the aisle.

Did not approach him by themselves

However, she said she did not approach the man at all as "it is not my right to do so".

She added: "While moving to the next aisle, both me and my daughter spoke about what happened and she went over to see the man leave without taking the bottle."

"She took the bottle to me and I told her to approach an FairPrice female staff who was seen walking away."

The woman's daughter then went to the supermarket staff, who had apparently also witnessed the man sniffing the contents from the Vicks bottle.

The woman said: "I reserve judgement as to why she (the staff) did not approach him. She went to get her supervisors to be present for the incident."

Staff approached man

The woman said three FairPrice staff subsequently showed up and they approached the man, who then shouted at the woman, saying: "Who said cannot?"

This was allegedly followed by: "Who the f**k are you to tell me cannot?"

The woman claimed the people who approached him had done so without raising their voices.

The woman said: "That was when I decided it was futile to speak to this person."

She also claimed that the man had snatched the bottle of Vicks from her daughter's hand.

TikTok video failed to show what happened

The woman also said the TikTok video put up online, which had poor sound quality, failed to capture the entirety of what happened.

She added: "His story kept changing. Anyway, he claimed there was no seal hence he 'thought' he could just open it to 'check'."

The woman also clarified what led her to say the things she was seen and heard saying on video.

She explained: "That's when I said that a lot of bottles like shampoo, sauces also have no seal. Does that mean he can open them to check?"

"As for the lawyer part, his wife kept insisting I apologise for calling him an 'animal' for his actions, (such as his use of vulgarities and the snatching of the bottle)."

"I told her that the profanity he shouted at me and my daughters earlier on was definitely wrong and that my description of his actions were definitely not vulgar. They can freely check with any lawyers."

@theryandudee released a statement on TikTok to clarify what happened at the NTUC FairPrice outlet. This has been deleted. Screenshot from @theryandudee TikTok accont

Unaware she was being filmed

The woman also said she was unaware she was being filmed in the supermarket at that time.

She said she only spoke up because it was the right thing to do.

She said: "Although this is a trend (to film others), it is not how I handle matters. I only wanted to act as a witness for the store to bring this up to the perp so that he can take responsibility for his actions."

The woman also said FairPrice "had to throw the bottle away since it was deemed tainted".

She added: "This does not speak very well for being sustainable. My point: If you do not intend to purchase an item, do not uncap a bottle to examine the contents inside unless you are buying an empty water bottle."

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