Cynthia Koh lawyers up after finding her Mercedes with deep scratches, punctured tyre

The vandalism allegedly happened in broad daylight.

Karen Lui | April 08, 2022, 07:25 PM

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Singaporean actress Cynthia Koh is going after the perpetrator who left her red Mercedes with punctured tyres, as well as "very long and deep scratches."

The 48-year-old revealed the vandalism case in a series of Instagram stories on Apr. 6.

Tried to pump air in flat tyre

The actress had tried to salvage her flat tyre by driving to the nearest petrol station to pump some air in it, but her efforts were futile.

Koh noted that she was lucky her car was fitted with run-flat tyres.

Run-flat tyres are specially designed with reinforced sidewalls to allow the driver to continue driving the car temporarily to travel to a safe location or a tyre shop to replace or repair the punctured tyre.

"By the time I went to the nearest petrol station I knew I was in trouble," the actress wrote.

Later on, Koh revealed that she was unable to drive the car anymore.

Her attempts to fill the tyre with air did not help at all, and she had to call the tyre replacement, all of which left her "on the verge of tears."

Koh also suspects that the scratches were made with "a key or something very sharp," as she had consulted a car detailing service, who told her that the damage cannot be polished off.

Koh has since made a police report and turned to legal means.

"I won't let this go, too many of this type of people around. If you are a car owner, you will know how upset I am. It's not about fixing the car, it's about how sickening these people can be to think it's okay to do this to others."

Parked at private housing estate from 2pm to 6pm

According to Koh, she had parked her car at a private housing estate from 2pm to 6pm. It was her first time there.

The actress suspects that the perpetrator might be a male, as it requires plenty of strength to cut through a thick tyre.

Koh added that she is "open to settling this privately" if the perpetrator happened to see her Instagram Stories.

She has already paid S$220 for the tyre replacement, and there's still body work to be done, which "will not be cheap."

Car has to be repainted

On Apr. 7, the actress took her car to a workshop to repair the damage.

Image via @boonscarwash on Instagram.

Image via @boonscarwash on Instagram.

Alas, the scratches were too deep and her car will need to be repainted.

Image via Cynthia Koh's Instagram page.

Image via Cynthia Koh's Instagram page.

Image via Cynthia Koh's Instagram page.

Koh added that she has spoken to her lawyer about the incident and her "next steps moving forward."

And while she would like to reveal the street name where it happened, Koh also felt that she should "let the police do their job first."

She will hand over her case to the court and police to proceed with their investigations, the actress concluded.

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Top images via @cynthiakoh27 and @boonscarwash on Instagram.