We did an email interview with Aaron Kwok. It was fun &... awkward.

Turns out, it was possible for email conversations to be awkward.

Mandy How | April 24, 2022, 01:24 PM

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Superstar Aaron Kwok is set to appear at this year's Star Awards, as a panel member of award presenters.

The 57-year-old will be joined by other prominent names like Moses Chan, Jacky Wu, Carol Cheng, and Jaspers Lai.

But before you get too excited, Kwok is actually attending the ceremony as a hologram, instead of being here in the flesh—we learned this through our email interview with him.

We also took the opportunity to ask Kwok a few other (bo liao) questions, which went...well. You'll find out.

Mothership: Hi Aaron. Have you eaten?


Mothership:  What was your first thought when found out that you were invited to Star Awards 2022?

Aaron: 今次很開心,可以透過《紅星大奬2022》可以和新加坡的朋友見面。雖然不可以親身飛過來,但是透過Hologram 實時現身現場,也是一次有趣的頒獎體驗,這是我第一次用這個形式,現身海外頒奬舞台,並非預早拍下錄像,而是實時現身,非常微妙,也是了解現在科技發達,真的拉近了人與人之間的距離。至於頒奬當晚,香港區也有一個頒獎分區場地,到時候我當然以型格服飾出現,同步欣賞新加坡的直播,到頒獎時刻,再以hologram 實時出現新加坡的頒奬禮現場,和大家見面。

Translation: I'm very happy that I'll get to meet Singaporean fans through Star Awards 2022. Although I can't fly over personally, using a hologram to present myself in real time is also an interesting experience.

This is my first time presenting an award overseas like that in real-time, instead of using pre-recorded footage. It's amazing how today's technology can bridge the gap between people.

As for the night [of Star Awards] itself, there will be an award presentation area in Hong Kong, where I will be watching the livestream in Singapore. When it's time to present the award, I'll appear in Singapore via the hologram to meet everyone.

Mothership: Can you use three words to describe Singapore dramas/productions? (Chinese is fine too!)

[Also no response]

Mothership: Who do you think will present the trophies at Star Awards better—you or the robot?

[Crickets getting a sore throat at this point]

For context:

Mothership: Drop your skincare routine please?

Aaron:   至於所謂keep fit 之道,最重要是保持持恆運動,均衡飲食,切忌暴飲暴食。不過,近年因為疫情,在家時間多了,也少不免吃多了,不過,一回到工作的模式,我又回到保持狀態的能量了,所以工作還是最好保養劑。

Translation: When it comes to "keeping fit", the most important thing is to exercise consistently, have a balanced diet, and strictly avoid overeating.

But due to the pandemic, I've been spending more time at home, which inevitably means eating more.

However, once I've returned to work-structured days, I've gone back my regular energy output. So work is still the best way to maintain myself.

Mothership: Mi ni ko i sakura ah e oh?

[Deafening silence]

Top image via KK Empire, Aaron Kwok's Instagram page