Who's in & who's out: Top 20 male & female artiste nominees for Star Awards 2022

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Fasiha Nazren | March 11, 2022, 02:43 PM

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Mediacorp's annual Star Awards is happening on Apr. 24, 2022.

This year's edition will take place at The Theatre at Mediacorp.

And with that, comes a new list of the Top 40 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes, for 20 nominations per category.

Top 40 artistes in 2022

According to Mediacorp, the Top 40 were identified via a poll of 1,000 people representing an equal breakdown across the various age groups of Singapore's population.

The survey was conducted by an accredited market research company.

Here are the female celebs who made it:

Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes 2022

  1. Aileen Tan
  2. Carrie Wong
  3. Chantalle Ng
  4. Cynthia Koh
  5. Felicia Chin
  6. Hong Hui Fang
  7. Hong Ling
  8. Jesseca Liu
  9. Jin Yin Ji
  10. Lin Mei Jiao
  11. Lina Ng
  12. Liu Ling Ling
  13. Michelle Chia
  14. Paige Chua
  15. Pan Ling Ling
  16. Priscelia Chan
  17. Rebecca Lim
  18. Sheila Sim
  19. Ya Hui
  20. Yvonne Lim

Here's who didn't make the cut from last year's list of 30 nominees:

  1. Ann Kok
  2. Belinda Lee
  3. Bonnie Loo
  4. Chen Ning
  5. Dawn Yeoh
  6. Denise Camillia Tan
  7. Eleanor Lee
  8. He Yingying
  9. Jasmine Sim
  10. Jayley Woo
  11. Ke Le
  12. Kimberly Chia
  13. Mei Xin
  14. Michelle Wong
  15. Tay Ying

Last year saw 30 nominees instead of 20 as Mediacorp combined 2020 and 2021 editions of the ceremony due to the pandemic.

There was therefore a total of 60 popular male and female artistes, up from the usual 40.

This higher number sought to better reflect the number of eligible nominees over two years of production.

And here are this year's new female entries:

  1. Liu Ling Ling
  2. Michelle Chia
  3. Priscelia Chan
  4. Sheila Sim

Top 20 Most Popular Male Artistes 2022

On the other hand, here are your top 20 for male artistes:

  1. Ben Yeo
  2. Brandon Wong
  3. Chen Shu Cheng
  4. Chen Tian Wen
  5. Chua Enlai
  6. Darren Lim
  7. Desmond Tan
  8. Guo Liang
  9. Lee Teng
  10. Marcus Chin
  11. Pierre Png
  12. Pornsak
  13. Rayson Tan
  14. Richard Low
  15. Romeo Tan
  16. Shaun Chen
  17. Xu Bin
  18. Yao Wen Long
  19. Zhang Yao Dong
  20. Zhu Hou Ren

These are the male artistes who didn't make the cut from last year's list of 30 nominees:

  1. Chen Yixi
  2. Dennis Chew
  3. Desmond Ng
  4. Edwin Goh
  5. Henry Thia
  6. Ian Fang
  7. James Seah
  8. Jeffrey Xu
  9. Joel Choo
  10. Joshua Tan
  11. Shane Pow
  12. Zhang Wei
  13. Zheng Geping
  14. Zong Zijie

And this year's new entries:

  1. Ben Yeo
  2. Brandon Wong
  3. Chua Enlai
  4. Lee Teng

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Top image from Mediacorp.