Panda cub Le Le has his own 'chou chou' made from keeper's old uniform, like every S'porean kid

Everyone loves their chou chou.

Ashley Tan | March 18, 2022, 07:38 PM

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Chou chou, bantal busuk, security blanket — they go by many names, but are a ubiquitous source of comfort to many Singaporeans in their childhood days.

Or for some, even during adulthood.

Now Le Le, the panda cub born and bred in Singapore, has his very own chou chou too.

Cuddling with his chou chou

Mandai Wildlife Reserve (MWR) shared an adorable video of the seven-month-old baby playing and cuddling with a brown chou chou.

Le Le clearly cannot get enough of the small bolster, wrapping his furry paws around it and gnawing on the ends.

Video from Mandai Wildlife Reserve / FB

MWR told Mothership that the chou chou is made from an old keeper's uniform, and is filled with wood shavings.

The chou chou was given to the cub as part of his enrichment.

Aside from the bolster, Le Le is provided with items such as coconuts and gunny sacks, which help him get used to different textures, as well as trunks to play and climb on.

You can watch the full video of Le Le here.

Recently debuted in exhibit

Just recently, Le Le made his debut at the Giant Panda Forest exhibit at River Wonders with his mother Jia Jia.

To prepare for Le Le's arrival, the Giant Panda Forest exhibit has been baby-proofed — this involves draining the water area, and padding it with leaves and pine bark chips.

Prior to this, Le Le has been spending his time in a glass-fronted nursery, drawing long queues of excited visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of the cub.

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Top photo from Mandai Wildlife Reserve / FB