Public can visit panda cub Lè Lè at new nursery in River Wonders from Dec. 30

Do note that viewing periods may be adjusted according to Jia Jia and Lè Lè's level of comfort.

Zhangxin Zheng | December 29, 2021, 06:42 PM

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Members of the public can catch a glimpse of the panda cub -- newly named Lè Lè -- at River Wonders from tomorrow onwards.

They can see Lè Lè in a new glass-fronted nursery at the Giant Panda Forest.

"Hi, nice to meet you!" Photo from Mandai Wildlife Group.

Visitors can see him playing enrichment toys, learning to walk more confidently and catching up on lots of snooze time like his dad Kai Kai, the Mandai Wildlife Group shared.

Lè Lè has recently taken his first few steps as the keepers documented that moment on Day 89 since his birth (Nov. 10).

At four and a half months old, he also weighs more than 9kg and is starting to nibble on bamboo shoots and leaves.

"Gaaaaah." Photo from Mandai Wildlife Group.

Two viewing timeslots daily

There are two viewing timeslots for those who are interested to see Jia Jia and Lè Lè at the nursery: 10:30am and 3:30pm daily.

These viewing periods coincide with Jia Jia's feeding and exercise sessions when she is comfortable to leave Lè Lè on his own.

Do note that the viewing periods may be adjusted as they depend on Jia Jia and Lè Lè's level of comfort.

Each viewing period is expected to last for 20 to 30 minutes for now.

"Coming to you now." Photo from Mandai Wildlife Group.

"Look Ma, I can climb over this block of grass on my own." Photo from Mandai Wildlife Group.

Pandas' wellbeing the top priority

The lead of panda care team at Mandai Wildlife Group, Trisha Tay, said that the nursery was constructed to provide a safe and fun space for the young cub to meet visitors.

Tay also shared that the panda cub is still reliant on his mother's milk and care, and is getting used to spending more time away from his mother.

Tay assured the public that the pandas' wellbeing remains the team's top priority and that they are not displaying any stressful behaviours.

Panda and our favourite pastime: Sleep. Photo from Mandai Wildlife Group.

Top image via Mandai Wildlife Group