Actress Jaime Teo breaks collarbone trying to overtake cyclists at MBS

Get well soon.

Mandy How | March 29, 2022, 04:43 PM

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Host and actress Jaime Teo will have to undergo surgery after breaking her collarbone in a cycling accident.

The 44-year-old, who shared the incident to Instagram on Mar. 25, said that she was trying to overtake a "big group" of cyclists at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) when she crashed into another rider.

As Teo had to speed up to overtake them, the impact wasn't pretty.

It resulted in a broken collarbone for the actress, who will need to undergo a bone graft and surgery this week.

Cuts and abrasion were also visible on her legs.

Photo via Jaime Teo's Instagram page

Photo via Jaime Teo's Instagram page

Photo via Jaime Teo's Instagram page

A bone graft transplants bone from elsewhere in the body to repair or rebuild damaged bones. The transplanted bone is typically taken from one's hips, legs, or ribs.

The actress doesn't blame any particular person or factor for the accident, however.

"I should've cycled slower, should've rung my bell or they could've signalled or could've looked back before turning. All the could'ves and should'ves doesn't change the fact that I've now got a very broken collarbone and will need a bone graft and surgery next week."

Although Teo was quite badly injured, the rider that she crashed into came away unscathed, as did his bicycle.

Photo via Jaime Teo's Instagram page

She's also had to cancel a few jobs, including a shoot for a cycling trip.

"Spent a few moments alone in A&E feeling sorry myself #pityparty but thankful for good friends who put things in perspective for me," Teo said.

Her consolation? Having been through the same injury before, and not breaking anything more serious, like her ribs, legs, or head.

And a broken collarbone isn't about to stop Teo from being out and about, as the actress managed to gather with her secondary school friends for a meal post-accident.

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Top image via Jaime Teo's Instagram page