S'porean Ix Shen crosses border to Poland after travelling over 500km from Kyiv

"Safe and okay."

Tanya Ong | March 12, 2022, 12:13 PM

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Former Singaporean actor Ix Shen has arrived in Poland after crossing the border.

The 49-year-old has been providing regular updates on the situation in Ukraine via social media, and offers snippets of life on the ground.

Arrived in Poland

In his most recent Instagram post, he said that they took the overnight bus from western Ukrainian city Lviv towards Warsaw and are now in Poland.

He started his video by saying that they're "safe and okay" — a line he often uses in his updates — before describing the scene at the pit stop.

Via Ix_Shen/Instagram

Shen shared that he was moved to see Polish volunteers providing free food, hot meals and even clothing for Ukrainians who just crossed the border.

Via Ix_Shen/Instagram

In Mandarin, he added that they expect to reach their next destination by nightfall.

A transcript of what was said in English:

"Hi, we're safe and okay. We took the overnight bus from Lviv towards Warsaw. Now we're in Poland. This is the first pit stop. Over here, we can see a lot of welfare (services) being run by Polish volunteers providing free food, hot meals, drinks, clothing, [and] toys for the Ukrainians that have just crossed the border. Really very heartwarming."

His Instagram post:

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On Mar. 9, it was reported that Shen would evacuate Kyiv. He had previously intended to stay put, but later explained that it will not be in their "best interests to live extensively underground".

On Friday (Mar. 11), he provided an update that he has safely reached the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, approximately 550km from Kyiv.

Shen explained that they were in Lviv because the owner of the car they were driving is currently living there, so they became valet drivers for him.

Since the outbreak of war, Shen has become a bona fide war correspondent, providing updates bilingually in both English and Mandarin.

Top photo via Ix_shen/Instagram.