S$45 durian-themed high tea at hidden cafe in Jalan Besar

It's actually quite near the MRT station.

Fasiha Nazren | February 22, 2022, 11:00 AM

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Tucked somewhere in Jalan Besar is a cafe called Ms Durian.

If the name sounds familiar, that's because it was formerly a bakery and cafe located at Poiz Centre in Potong Pasir.

Standalone durian cafe

Ms Durian moved to its standalone cafe outlet at Jalan Besar in February 2022.

Photo from Ms Durian.

The cosy cafe has an indoor seating capacity of 30 pax. The cafe has plans to have additional seating outdoors in June 2022.

Photo from Ms Durian.

Photo from Ms Durian.

As its name suggests, the cafe specialises in all things durian, with durian confectioneries apparently made in-house daily.

Items from S$2.20

Items at Ms Durian start from as low as S$2.20.

Here are some things you can try at the cafe:

D24 Craquelin (S$2.20 each, S$11 for five)

Baked craquelin choux filled with creamy D24 durian.

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MSW Ice cream (from S$9)

Handmade eggless Mao Shan Wang durian ice cream, which comes with three mini choux.

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MSW Durian Pudding (S$6.50)

Durian pudding made with Mao Shan Wang durian and coconut milk.

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Classic MSW Durian Cake (From S$12.50)

A cake with two layers of pure Mao Shan Wang in between vanilla sponge cake and covered in a thin coating of Madagascar vanilla chantilly cream.

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S$45 durian high tea

Ms Durian also has two high tea sessions each day, at 1pm and 3pm.

The high tea set costs S$45 per person and consists of four desserts and three savoury items.

Photo from Ms Durian.

Here's the high tea menu:

Photo from Ms Durian.

As there are limited high tea sets, customers are encouraged to make a reservation for the high tea sessions.

Eat durians under the stars soon

The newly-opened cafe has a lot of new plans in the works, including launching a durian coffee in collaboration with roaster Raison D' Cafe.

Ms Durian is also collaborating with what they described as a "prominent durian vendor" to sell fresh durians at the cafe for customers to dine under the stars.

Top photo from Ms Durian.

Ms Durian

11 Kelantan Road Singapore 208604

Opening hours: 10am to 6pm daily, closed on Tuesdays.

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