FairPrice: Contact us directly if pricing of items wrong, don't circulate unverified claims

All weighing scales used are independently calibrated by authorised vendors, certified by the authorities.

Mandy How | February 07, 2022, 06:38 PM

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FairPrice is urging customers to contact them directly for any alleged mislabelling of products so as to avoid any misunderstanding and unnecessary public alarm, according to a statement put out on Feb. 7, 2022.

This is the second statement that the supermarket has released about a slab of chicken breast that was allegedly mislabelled.

A TikTok user in Singapore, Nina Monzolevska, had posted her discovery to TikTok.

Much of FairPrice's follow-up statement addresses the perceived allegations of "possible dishonest business practices" in one of Monzolevska's subsequent videos.

"We understand another video with a price label pasted over an erroneously printed label was posted by the customer suggesting possible dishonest practices. While we appreciate feedback for improvement, we do not condone any unethical business practices and take such allegations very seriously. We will safeguard the integrity of our reputation against false allegations if necessary."

This is the video in question:

@ninamonzolevska Reply to @bruhvoants That’s a big difference! #sg #singapore #fyp ♬ original sound - Nina Monzolevska

It follows an earlier TikTok where Monzolevska provided an update, saying that FairPrice is now labelling its items correctly after her initial discovery.

"Yay we were heard!" the video was captioned.

The supermarket said that they have since contacted the customer to address her concerns and investigate the cause of the alleged mislabelling.

Additionally, all weighing scales used are independently calibrated by authorised vendors, who are certified by the authorities.

"We agree that such an error should not have occurred. Our staff at the frontline are working hard, and we ask for patience and understanding during this challenging time," FairPrice added.

You can view their post here:

Top image via Nina Monzolevska/TikTok