Tower Transit bus captain stops bus to give chocolates to crying child


Fasiha Nazren | January 28, 2022, 11:48 AM

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On Jan. 27, one Aleesa Saaib in Singapore shared a heartwarming experience she had on a bus.

In a Facebook post, the mother of two young children, Adrianna and Haider, said they boarded Tower Transit's bus service 98 around 5:15pm after picking them up from school.

Dealing with a hangry toddler

However, Haider was showing signs of distress and was hungry for some milk.

"He cried throughout the journey and broke free from my arms many times and threw his body towards the chair," she said.

He only kept quiet for short periods of time whenever he saw some trucks but continued crying as soon as the bus moved or the trucks were out of sight.

Aleesa said she almost cried too as she couldn't help him and didn't know what else to do to calm him down.

Stopped at junction to give chocolates

Just as the bus stopped at a junction, the bus captain got out of his seat and approached the family.

"I really thought he was gonna scold me for not being able to take care of him and make him quiet," she shared.

On the contrary, the bus captain walked towards them to give her children two pieces of chocolate.

Photo from Aleesa Saaib's Facebook page.

The simple act of kindness touched her so much, she was speechless.


She said: "I was too stunned to speak, almost cried again because there's still [a] kind soul around me."

Upon receiving the chocolates, Haider stopped crying and Aleesa thanked the driver.

"This bus driver of bus service 98, with plate number SBS 3414X deserves a shoutout and commendable service award for his kindness and thoughts for his passengers."

In a Facebook post from Tower Transit Singapore, the public transport company identified the friendly bus captain as Bus Captain Zeng Guang Bing.

Tower Transit also said it will pass along the "compliments and positive experience" to Zeng.

Top image from Aleesa Saaib's Facebook page.

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