Internet users angry that Single’s Inferno’s Song Ji-A renting apartment instead of buying it

This follows her previous controversy of wearing fake designer wear and accessories.

Karen Lui | January 20, 2022, 05:41 PM

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Song Ji-A, the breakout star of the Netflix series "Single's Inferno", has recently been embroiled in a controversy of wearing fake designer items, which she has apologised for on Jan. 17.

Recently, netizens have turned their attention to the Korean influencer's KR₩3 billion (~S$3.39 million) luxury apartment in Seoul, which was rumoured not to have been paid for by her.

In light of both controversies, the CEO of Song's agency released a statement to apologise and address the rumours.

Agency: Song did not review fake designer items

On Jan. 19, Kim Hyo-jin, who is the CEO of Song's agency, HyoWon CNC, released a public statement, Allkpop reported.

Kim took responsibility for the controversy and apologised, adding that it is the agency's responsibility to check the content creator's fashion styling for her broadcast appearances.

The CEO explained that they did not conduct any checks as they believed that respecting Song's fashion styling could facilitate her closer communication with her subscribers.

Kim also relayed her apologies to actress Kang Ye-won, the co-founder of the agency.

Kim addressed the rumours that Song had reviewed imitation designer items in her haul videos under the guise of genuine ones.

She clarified that the videos were privatised because the accessory she was wearing while doing the review was fake and is not because the items she was reviewing were fake.

"Song has never introduced a fake designer item as a real item until now," she said.

Kim confirmed that the designer items on all photos and videos that are currently available Song's social media pages are genuine and can be verified with receipts.

Agency did not pay "single cent" for apartment

Addressing the rumours about Song's luxury apartment, Kim clarified that the agency "never paid a single cent" to procure the apartment.

According to Kim, Song had paid a deposit after entering university with the money she had earned while working as a model and a creator with the agency.

Song had signed a contract to live in the apartment as a monthly rental unit, Kim added.

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The CEO ended her statement by saying that the agency will take legal action against anyone who spreads malicious slander and defamation through posts or comments that contain baseless, false information.

Netizens alleged Song did not pay for apartment

Kim's statement came as rumours about Song's luxury apartment surfaced on the Internet, following her fake designer wear controversy.

An online report alleged that Song did not purchase the apartment nor is she paying for the rent, Koreaboo reported.

It claimed that Song's agency was paying the apartment's monthly rent for her, which Song's agency CEO has since refuted.

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Paying a monthly rent for an apartment (wolse) is common in South Korea as it is the more economical way of paying for a home.

The other rental method is the key money deposit system (jeonse), which is associated with the wealthier upper-class people.

Tenants who opt for this method pay a lump-sum deposit, ranging from 50 to 80 per cent of the property's market price at that time, for the entire lease term that usually runs for two years.

At the end of the lease, the tenant will typically be returned the deposit in full.

The fact that Song did not purchase the apartment or rent it via the jeonse system contradicts her curated image as a wealthy influencer, which agitated netizens who feel cheated.

Song's image as a wealthy influencer has also been undermined by her controversy involving fake designer wear.

Hefty price tag and celebrity neighbours

According to her now-deleted house tour YouTube video (which is still available on her Weibo page), the 25-year-old Busan native had moved into the Seoul luxury apartment complex in May 2020.

While she did not state the name of the building, eagle-eyed netizens were quick to identify it based on the view and layout in the video.

Song lives in the exclusive apartment complex, Seoul Forest Trimage, which is located in the trendy Seongsu neighbourhood in Seoul, Koreaboo reported.

Photo by Yvette Yang on Google Maps.

Besides their hefty apartment prices that fall in the million-dollar range (US dollars, not Korean won), this complex is known for its celebrity residents/tenants, including BTS's J-Hope and Jungkook, JYJ's Jaejoong, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Sunny, EXO's Baekhyun, Super Junior's Leeteuk and Donghae.

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Song's one-bedroom apartment allegedly costs KR₩780 million (~S$882,042.72) to buy.

If tenants aren't too keen to pay the full price, the Trimage apartments can be rented via the jeonse system with a deposit of around KR₩500 million (S$565,412.00).

Last but not least, the most economical rental method is the monthly rent, which costs around KR₩3 million (~S$3,392.47).

Whether you purchase or rent the apartment, there is an additional monthly maintenance fee that comes up to a few hundred US dollars, Koreaboo added.

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Here are more images of Song's apartment from her house tour video:

Living room. Image via Song Ji-A's Weibo page.

One of the two bathrooms. Image via Song Ji-A's Weibo page.

Kitchen. Image via Song Ji-A's Weibo page.

Bedroom. Image via Song Ji-A's Weibo page.

Closet and second bathroom with bath tub tub. Image via Song Ji-A's Weibo page.

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Top images via Song Ji-A's Weibo page.