Single's Inferno's Song Ji-A doesn't follow any of her male cast members back on Instagram

Not even her puppy, Kim Hyeon-joong.

Karen Lui | January 12, 2022, 02:02 PM

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Netflix's hit dating reality series, "Single's Inferno", aired its final two episodes on Jan. 8, revealing the couples (and non-couples) to come out of it.

The eight-episode series follows nine (later 12) physically attractive South Korean singletons who are "stranded" on an island with a glamping aesthetic.

Arguably the show's breakout star, beauty influencer Song Ji-A, 25, has gained attention for her designer wardrobe and popularity among her male cast mates.

(Warning: spoilers ahead.)

Who is Song Ji-A?

Since the show ended, Song has amassed (at time of writing):

Photo by @dear.zia on Instagram.

Her appearance has been likened to K-pop singers, Jennie from Blackpink and Jang Wonyoung from Ive and the now-defunct Iz*One.

Trouble in paradise

Besides (or perhaps due to) her impeccable outfits and doll-like appearance, the Hanyang University graduate has not one, but three men on the island fighting for her affections.

Ultimately, she chooses fitness model and trainer Kim Hyeon-joong, 28, over baby-faced Choi Si-hun and dancer Cha Hyun-seung.

Kim Hyeon-Joong. Photo via @__1126.1 on Instagram.

Choi Si-hun. Photo by @choi_hun2 on Instagram.

Cha Hyun-seung. Photo by @502bright on Instagram.

Song choosing from the three contestants. Screen shot via Netflix.

Some clips of the interactions between them:

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Instagram dynamics

Here's where it gets interesting: the participants' Instagram dynamics, long after filming has ended for them.

Song mutually follows the entire female cast on Instagram, except Kim Su-min, who does not follow any of her fellow cast members.

Kim Su-min. Photo via @sumesume_/Instagram

While the male cast members, except Moon Se-hoon, follows Song, she does not follow any of them back.

(Sidenote: Moon and the love of his life Shin Ji Yeon are following each other.)

Moon Se-hoon. Photo via @moonofsh/Instagram.

Shin Ji Yeon. Photo via @jiiiyeonie__/Instagram.

Yes, Song is also not following her puppy, Kim.

On Jan. 8 when the finale was aired, Kim shared a picture of a Golden Retriever prancing around while holding its own leash in an Instagram story.

Screen shot by u/everyoof on Reddit.

The fitness model did not clarify what the picture meant.

While some fans interpret it as a hint to his alleged ongoing relationship with Song, others argue that the fact that the dog is holding its own leash suggests that he is single.

Besides reposting stills and scenes from the show shared by fans on her Instagram stories, Song has not revealed any updates or details about her relationship with Kim after the show ended.

In addition, Kim posted two group photos—one with the entire cast and another with just the male cast members on Instagram—with a general message of gratitude to his fellow cast members and staff on Jan. 10.

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A post shared by 김현중 (@__1126.1)

Similarly, Cha relayed his gratitude in a post with polaroids of the cast members.

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A post shared by 차현승🇰🇷(Cha HyunSeung) (@502bright)

Neither Kim nor Cha made any explicit references to Song in their social media posts.

Debunking assumptions

In an earlier YouTube video posted on Dec. 31, 2021, Song addresses her appearance in the show.

The 25-year-old has debunked assumptions that she only wears designer items, insisting that she has more non-designer clothes than designer ones.

In response to a fan's suggestion to challenge herself and style an outfit with KRW100,000 (~S$113), the influencer said it might a bit difficult to do so with such a budget.

She claims that to achieve her typical look, it would require at least 200,000 KRW (~S$226).

According to Song, she had brought with her five large suitcases to the "Single's Inferno" shoot, amounting to around 35 pieces of clothes.

She disclosed that her father was very excited about her appearance on the show and "told everyone around him."

"I think he's even happier than me," she added.

As the series shows her going on dates, the content creator found it cringy to watch the scenes, but thought it might be fun to watch it with her father.

In response to a fan's assumption about her personality based on her horoscope, Song agrees that she is "big-hearted and casually overcomes personal feelings and problems with others," adding, “I don’t care about what others think.”

She also revealed that she “cuts ties easily with people,” and will remove people she does not like from her life.

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Top images via Kim Hyeon-joong, Song Ji-A, and Cha Hyun-seung's Instagram pages.