8 S'pore influencers make it to 2021 'Instagram Richlist' by UK-based social media agency

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Mandy How | January 28, 2022, 03:44 PM

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Hopper HQ, a UK-based social media management agency, has released their 2021 Instagram Richlist.

Using the company's internal data, agency rate cards and public information, the list ranks the highest earning Instagram influencers globally.

The first edition of the report was published in 2017, and it has since been expanded to include "industry-specific stars" such as athletes, and lifestyle/fitness influencers.

The first five on the list are household names and cream of their respective industries (Kim Kardashian is sixth):

For 2021, eight Singapore personalities have made it to the world's unofficial top 395 Instagrammers.

The eight Singapore Instagrammers

1. Brad Lau

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Coming in at #327 is Brad Lau, better known as food blogger Ladyironchef.

Lau currently has about 589,000 followers and charges US$1,700 (~S$2,300) for each sponsored Instagram post, according to Hopper HQ.

2. Andrea Chong

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Chong, a fashion influencer, ranks #342.

She has 302,000 followers and apparently charges US$1,300 (~S$1,758) per post.

3. Mongchin Yeoh

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Next is beauty and lifestyle influencer Mongchin Yeoh at #344.

She has about 289,000 followers, and reportedly makes US$1,200 (S$1,623) from each post.

4. Sophia Chong

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Ranked #366, Chong is a Singaporean fashion and beauty influencer who moved to China.

She is also the founder of TheJuiceMarket, an online fashion store that has since closed.

The influencer has accumulated more than 121,000 followers and charges US$600 (~S$812) per post, according to Hopper HQ.

5. Rebecca Ten

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Travel and lifestyle personality Rebecca Ten comes in at #367.

With a following of 63,400, Ten supposedly charges US$600 (~S$812) for each post.

6. Russell Ong

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#387 Russell Ong wears many hats.

He was once the swimming captain of Team Singapore, became an actor upon retiring from the sport, and is currently living quite a swanky life.

With about 30,000 followers, Ong charges US$200 (~S$270) for his posts.

7. Winter Chee

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Beauty and travel influencer Winter Chee is ranked #390 on the list.

Her 22,400-strong following commands US$100 (~S$135) for sponsored posts, apparently.

8. Celine Chiam

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Rounding up at the list is Celine Chiam, who pulls up at #391.

Chiam has earned 30,600 followers with her lifestyle content, and purportedly charges US$100 (~S$135) for each post.

Things to note

An immediate, superficial observation would be that influencers with relatively low followings have somehow been included, while there are plenty with more than 100,000 or even 200,000 followers that were not named.

We also note the conspicuous absence of Xiaxue and Naomi Neo, known for their high-earning capabilities via social media ads and endorsements.

As for the sponsored content rates published by Hopper HQ, we heard from the grapevine that some of these influencers actually charge more. Like, way more.

Perhaps a look at Hopper HQ's methodology from 2019 might offer some insight.

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Top image via Andrea Chong and Mongchin Yeoh's Instagram pages