Nasty Cookie's limited edition white & turquoise poker cards will make you squint your eyes this CNY

For an extra challenge.

Karen Lui | January 19, 2022, 11:52 AM

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Playing card games is one way to spend time with your loved ones during Chinese New Year.

Gourmet cookie shop Nasty Cookie has launched a limited edition poker card set with a colour scheme that is bound to catch your attention.

White and turquoise

The Nasty Playing Cards have a white background with turquoise illustrations by the cookie retailer's founder on the back.

Photo by Nasty Cookie.

The same eye-straining colour scheme is used for the front of the cards in the heart and diamond suits, albeit with white details on a turquoise background.

Photo by Nasty Cookie.

The spades and clubs cards, on the other hand, boast a much better colour contrast with dark blue illustrations.

Photo by Nasty Cookie.

Only 800 decks are available islandwide.

You can redeem them across their five retail outlets with a minimum purchase of S$30 in a single receipt.

The sets are limited to one redemption per person.

Photo by Nasty Cookie.

S'mores Bites

You can also reward yourself with some sweet treats for putting your eyes through such torture.

Nasty Cookie has put its own spin on the popular festive snack, pineapple tarts, without any pineapples.

Photo by Nasty Cookie.

The new S'mores Bites has a crust that looks like a pineapple tart but that's where the similarities end.

Touted as an "authentic S'mores experience, all in one bite", the buttery chocolate chip tart base features a layer of rich chocolate spread.

Photo by Nasty Cookie.

It is topped with their homemade marshmallow that is torched, creating a stretchy centre.

Photo by Nasty Cookie.

Hand-made from scratch with a three-day process, the S'mores Bites are available exclusively on the Nasty Cookie website at S$28.80 per box.

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Top images by Nasty Cookie.

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