Naomi Neo reveals she is adopted

Teary moments.

Mandy How | January 25, 2022, 10:08 PM

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Naomi Neo has dropped the "biggest video" of her career—one announcing that she is adopted.

The 26-year-old influencer and mother of two uploaded a tell-all in the form of a 19-minute YouTube video, which also consists of interviews with friends and family.

Screenshot via Naomi Neo's YouTube page

When she first suspected it

Neo said that the first time she suspected it was during a health check-up in school.

While discussing the subject of blood type with her friends, Neo was the was only one who didn't know hers, as the information wasn't in her health booklet.

Screenshot via Naomi Neo's YouTube page

When she asked her parents, they were "uncertain" about it as well.

The next giveaway was her Identity Card, which states her place of birth as China.

Throughout the years, Neo brought this up to her parents a few times, but their answers would always differ.

In one instance, her mother had told her that Neo's dad had to visit China for work. Another time, she said that it was because Neo's grandparents were there for a holiday.

No baby photos

A friend of Neo's added that the influencer also suspected her heritage as she had no baby photos.

Neo's husband added that her family's photos of her were from the age of three or four years old.

Screenshot via Naomi Neo's YouTube page

Screenshot via Naomi Neo's YouTube page

When questioned, Neo's mum said they had left the photos at an old house while moving out.

However, after becoming a parent herself, Neo began to find the reason doubtful as she realised that every mum would want to keep their children's photos.

Screenshot via Naomi Neo's YouTube page

The suspicion never went away, and things came to a head when she was pregnant with her first child at 21.

During the period, Neo realised that her mum was unaware of many pregnancy-related things, such as a baby's kicks.

She also did not share her own pregnancy experience.

One day, sitting in the car with her husband after a check-up, the topic of blood types came up again.

On the same night, Neo gave her mum and dad a call separately to ask about it, and they both gave different answers.

"At that moment I knew like something was wrong lah," Neo said. "And I guess from there they also knew that, 'Oh no, I can't hide it any further.'"

That was when her parents sat her down and talked to her about it.

The news came more as an affirmation than surprise, Neo recalled.

Wanted to hide it from her forever

Screenshot via Naomi Neo's YouTube page

Screenshot via Naomi Neo's YouTube page

In one part of the video, Neo invited her parents for a Q&A session, where they spoke at length about their decision on the adoption and its process.

The trio shared many teary moments as they spoke candidly about matter.

Neo's mum admitted that she had wanted to hide it from her forever, as she has always considered Neo her own flesh and blood.

She was also afraid that Neo would leave the house and not come back once she knew the truth.

Neo told her parents towards the end that she was all the more thankful for the way they took care of her even though she was not their biological daughter.

Reflecting on the revelation, Neo said that learning she was adopted actually improved her relationship with her parents, as she understood their perspective better.

You can watch the full video here:

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