Panda cub Le Le works hard in 'jungle gym' to be ready to meet guests with mum, Jia Jia

The growing panda cub now weighs 12.19kg.

Karen Lui | January 27, 2022, 01:49 PM

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Five-month-old panda toddler Le Le is training hard in his "jungle gym" to strengthen his body and climbing skills to prepare him to meet guests with his mother, Jia Jia, in the future.

This update by River Wonders comes after a few netizens urged the care team to provide him with more challenging items, in response to their previous update two days ago (Jan. 25).

Working hard while attending to nursery appointments

In a press release on Jan. 27, a River Wonders’ spokesperson shared that the panda cub is working hard to improve his climbing skills in his “jungle gym".

Bamboozled by his own strength. Photo by Mandai Wildlife Group.

This training would prepare him to meet guests in the exhibit with Jia Jia in the near future, they added.

Working hard to navigate the logs. Photo by Mandai Wildlife Group.

The hardworking panda toddler improves his motor skills in his play den while attending his twice daily nursery appointments with visitors.

Posing for a picture while on break. Photo by Mandai Wildlife Group.

According to River Wonders, Le Le’s "jungle gym” features strategically-placed logs to help him hone his climbing skills and build his strength.

One more, in case you missed those strong limbs. Photo by Mandai Wildlife Group.

He also plays with various enrichment toys, provided by his care team, to further expose him to different shapes and sizes.

Playing with enrichment toys in the "jungle gym". Photo by Mandai Wildlife Group.

Now weighs 12.19kg

River Wonders also revealed that the growing panda cub weighs 12.19kg as of Day 166 (Jan. 26, 2022).

Literally watching his weight on the scale. Photo by Mandai Wildlife Group.

Photo by Mandai Wildlife Group.

Check out the video footage of Le Le working out:

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Top images by Mandai Wildlife Group.