The Hainan Story opens standalone bakery with fluffy swiss rolls by ex-Antoinette chef

Comes in presentable gift boxes.

Mandy How | January 20, 2022, 12:15 PM

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From Jan. 22, 2022, Hillion Mall will welcome another concept under The Hainan Story.

Photo via The Hainan Story Bakery

Photo via The Hainan Story Bakery

The eatery is opening a standalone bakery in the mall that will sell everything from buns and kuehs to sourdough bombs and sourdough pizza.

Also for sale is their rather famous swiss rolls, which were first introduced at The Hainan Story Hotel Boss outlet.

Instead of a whole roll, however, the bakery is offering bite-sized versions, where you can try multiple flavours at one go.

Photo via The Hainan Story Bakery

Photo by Mandy How

The first four flavours are by the Hainan Story team, while the last two are by Antoinette chef Pang Kok Keong:

  • Teh Susu
  • Red Velvet
  • Ondeh Ondeh
  • Oreo
  • Premium Belgian Chocolate
  • Orh Nee

The mini cakes are presented in a box set of four for S$10. You can also get them individually for S$2.50.

We find prices slightly steep for this, seeing how small each roll is, but we guess they're selling variety and packaging, rather than quantity.

Photo by Mandy How

Photo by Mandy How

Have some buns

If you're leaning towards savoury instead, the bakery has two broad types of buns to choose from: Classic Big Buns and Mini Buns.

Photo by Mandy How

The Classic Big Buns are, well, big, and baked daily in individual steel trays as a nod to tradition.

Hainanese Classic Curry Chicken Polo Bun. Photo by Mandy How.

Some options are:

  • Hainanese Classic Curry Chicken Polo Bun (S$3.80)

    • Crusted polo top, boneless curry chicken

  • The Uncle Otah Bun (S$2.80)

    • Homemade mackerel fish otah glazed with mayonnaise, sprinkled with chopped rosemary and thyme

  • Bak Kwa Pork Floss Bun (S$3.80)
  • Creamy Truffle Mushroom Bun (S$2.80)

On the other hand, the Mini Buns (S$1.90 each) are a mix of sweet and savoury.

Left: Orh Nee Pork Floss Bun. Right: Hainanese Kopi Nutella Crispy Crust Bun. Photo by Mandy How.

  • Orh Nee Pork Floss Bun (nice)
  • Hainanese Kopi Nutella Crispy Crust Bun (nice but too sweet from the Nutella)
  • Ondeh Ondeh Coconut Pandan Crispy Crust Bun
  • Custard
  • Pork Luncheon Meat
  • Croque Monsieur

Photo via The Hainan Story Bakery

Full-sized pizzas are available as well, including an interesting Gula Melaka & Coconut Sourdough Pizza (S$24.80).

Rounding up the menu is the giant Hainanese Curry Chicken Sourdough Bread Bomb (S$19.80):

Hainanese curry chicken inside. Photo by Mandy How.

The Hainan Story Bakery

Photo via The Hainan Story Bakery

Address: 17 Petir Road, #01-15/16 Hillion Mall, Singapore 678278

Opening Hours: 8am - 9pm, daily

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Top image by Mandy How, The Hainan Story Bakery