By2 files lawsuit against Wang Leehom's ex-wife Lee Jinglei over cyberbullying

Thought this was over? Nope.

Mandy How | January 29, 2022, 08:58 PM

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Singaporean singer Yumi is officially going legal with Wang Leehom's ex-wife Lee Jinglei.

A Jan. 29 Weibo post by band By2, of which Yumi is part of, announced that they have filed a lawsuit against Lee to "protect their rights."

Attached to the post is a three-page lawyer's letter.

This comes after Lee had previously insinuated that Yumi could be the third party between her and Wang, who have since divorced very messily and publicly.

While the police have apparently told By2 that Lee cannot be immediately summoned as she is not in China, the band has decided to take the "difficult first step" of commencing legal action.

According to By2, Lee has yet to submit the evidence of Yumi's alleged adultery, despite asking for the contact of the officer in charge of the case.

"Perhaps because the police and the court of law operate differently from the virtual world, where one can maliciously mislead and fabricate without legal ramifications," read a particularly snippy part of the post.

By2 then turned the tables on Lee and said that she was cyberbullying Yumi by swaying public opinion against her.

The statement also reiterated that Yumi only dated Wang from 2012 to 2013, and had never interfered with his marriage.

While By2 expects plenty of obstacles ahead, they said that they will press on for the cause, adding that they believe in justice.

"If we as public figures lack the courage to protect our rights, how would future victims of cyberbullying stand up for themselves?"


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Top image via Yumi and Lee Jinglei's Instagram page