Wang Leehom reportedly leaves hotel quarantine with 10 bodyguards & decoy car to evade paparazzi

Over the Christmas weekend.

Mandy How | December 28, 2021, 04:47 PM

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Wang Leehom has ended his hotel quarantine in Taiwan with a bang, whether he wanted it or not.

The 45-year-old Mandopop singer had scrambled to return from China after his divorce scandal was unceremoniously dumped on the region, and served his quarantine in S Hotel until Dec. 26.

Knowing how popular he must be with the paparazzi, who were camping outside his hotel, Wang reportedly hired 10 bodyguards and even a decoy car to distract them the day he left the hotel.

According to, the interiors of both vehicles were obscured with curtains, and the cars split into different directions upon leaving the hotel.

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When one of the cars arrived at Wang's address, it was not actually the singer who alighted, thus successfully distracting a number of reporters who had followed the vehicle.

However, it is not clear what happened to the other reporters who might have tailed the other car, although Sohu reported that it managed to make a getaway.

The singer's agency later confirmed that he has left the hotel and found a temporary abode to complete his home quarantine.

It was also reported that Wang's agency had apparently appealed for the media scrum to leave on the night of Dec. 25, but to no avail.

They later brought the waiting paparazzi some hot beverages, but the reporters were told that the coffee were from a hotel guest, with no mention of Wang.

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