Vivian Hsu addresses rumours that she was one of Wang Leehom's alleged special 'friends'

"Every time we meet, it is together with a group of good friends, never a private meeting!" said Hsu.

Nigel Chua | December 20, 2021, 01:33 PM

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Taiwanese singer and actress Vivian Hsu tackled rumours about her involvement with singer Wang Leehom in a Facebook post on Dec. 18, saying that they had only met twice at her house this year, with both occasions involving the two meeting in a group, and not individually.

Hsu wrote in her post — uploaded in the form of white text on a black background — that there had been a misunderstanding after media received a tip-off from a "neighbour".

This was presumably a reference to the public accusations made against Wang by his ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, after their recent divorce.

Lee's lengthy accounts of Wang's alleged infidelity included allegations that he cheated on her with several "friends" — both men and women.

Why was Hsu implicated?

None of Lee's social media posts mentioned Hsu.

However, there was speculation over the identity of an unidentified woman mentioned by Lee.

The woman allegedly had a history of "casual hookups" with Wang and apparently continued to "behave amorously" toward Wang, who responded "passionately" to her.

Lee said that the woman was married with a child and wanted Wang to lie to her husband.

"If there's really nothing to hide, there's no need to rope you in to lie to her husband as well," Lee wrote.

Netizens speculated that the woman might be Hsu because of certain factual details of Wang's meetings with the woman that were mentioned by Lee .

Lee said Wang "insisted on going over to her home for a gathering with her" despite knowing that he would be breaking the law. This description seemed to match a gathering at Hsu's house, involving Hsu, Wang, and other celebrities, in Sep. 2021.

The gathering in question happened at a time where Wang was not supposed to be meeting others, given that he had just finished quarantine in Taiwan after his return from the United States, Taiwan News reported.

Hsu: No private meetings with Wang

Hsu said in her post that Wang had attended gatherings at her home twice this year.

The first was a gathering with a group of friends, involving pao fan from a pop-up shop, while the second was "after dinner", on an occasion where her Singapore-based husband was in Taiwan, and hosted friends at their home.

Hsu said both gatherings had been posted on social media.

"Every time we meet, it is together with a group of good friends, never a private meeting!" said Hsu.

She said that she lived with her family and that the atmosphere at home was typically lively, so there was no need to speculate.

"I hope this clarifies matters and ends the unnecessary association," she wrote.

Hsu says she has "never overstepped" marriage boundaries

"The issue of Wang Leehom's marriage has had great impact on me, but I have absolutely never overstepped boundaries and let my husband down!" Hsu wrote.

Hsu said that she saw the need to speak up for herself as she had "family members, children, friends, partners and colleagues" around her who were getting stressed out and hurt by the rumours about her.

She said she hoped to put an end to rumours so as to minimise harm to innocent parties.

"I hope Mr Wang Leehom can quickly come out to resolve the matter! Don't allow your friends to be hurt because of your own personal matters," Hsu wrote.

A second slide on Hsu's post also made mention of a lawyer and law firm, who had been brought in to "collect and preserve relevant evidence" in order to take the appropriate action to protect her legal rights.

Wang has since apologised to Lee in a public statement on Dec. 20, saying that "a man should still bear full responsibility":

You can see Hsu's post in full here:

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