Rebecca Lim & Chiou Huey 'dance' barefoot with cockroaches in dumpster in behind-the-scenes

Art imitates life.

Mandy How | December 31, 2021, 10:49 AM

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Rebecca Lim's latest co-stars are quite unlike any she's worked with before.

They have six legs, for one.

The 35-year-old actress shared a snippet of what went on behind the scenes for upcoming drama "Soul Doctor" on TikTok.

Lim was with fellow actress Chiou Huey in a dumpster, where about half a dozen cockroaches were scuttling around them.

In response, the celebs "tap-danced" with the insects to the music of their own screams.

One might also notice that while Chiou was in heels, Lim was barefoot. Yikes.

When the dumpster doors finally opened, Chiou tripped over herself trying to get out.

RIP earpiece users:

@limrebeccatiktok I think we make a good tap dance duo 🤪🪳😬💃 @chiouhuey ♬ original sound - Rebecca Lim

Chiou gave followers a further glimpse of the shoot via her Instagram Stories.

The cockroaches were prepared by the crew and flung at the actresses for a specific shot.

Chiou added that Lim was "so professional" even when she had to lie in the dumpster for her role.

Here, Lim was taking instructions from a crew member for the scene.

During another part of the shoot, Chiou had to get down on her knees for a prolonged period:

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Top image via Chiou Huey's Instagram page