No law preventing Najib from becoming next M'sian PM although he’s a convicted criminal: Mahathir

If he does, Malaysia will be handing over the country's premiership to a guilty person, Mahathir added.

Faris Alfiq | December 08, 2021, 03:39 PM

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Following the Court of Appeal's decision to uphold Najib Razak's guilty conviction and sentencing, former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad took to Facebook on Dec. 8 to say that Najib will have to wait for a year or more for his appeal to be heard in the Federal Court.

Najib free like an innocent man

The nonagenarian also noted that as Najib is appealing to the Federal Court over the outcome of the Court of Appeal, he will not be undergoing his sentence.

Mahathir added that from now till the Federal Court hears Najib's appeal, Najib "is free like an innocent man".

Mahathir also said that the decision to grant a stay of execution is at the judges' discretion.

However, he added that there were no criminal case in the country's history that was as massive as Najib's crimes.

"According to the United States' Department of Justice, this is a world record," he added.

Furthermore, Mahathir said that those who were found guilty of less serious crimes were not granted a stay of execution as what Najib was granted.

No law to disallow Najib from becoming next PM

As Najib waits for his appeal to be heard in the Federal Court, Mahathir wrote that Najib is still a member of parliament, and he could contest in the next General Election.

"If he wins (the next election), he will still be a member of parliament," Mahathir wrote.

He also highlighted that there is no law that prohibits Najib from becoming the next prime minister.

"If there is no law to say no, then surely (Najib) can (be the next prime minister)."

If that happens, then according to Mahathir, Malaysia will be breaking a record by handing over the country's premiership to a guilty person.

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