McDonald's S'pore now selling peri peri shaker fries tossed with paprika, parsley flakes, herbs & spices

Shake it.

Mandy How | December 30, 2021, 11:00 AM

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New year, new item from McDonald's.

The fast-food chain has launched the Peri Peri Flavoured McShaker Fries, which features their fries tossed in a blend of paprika, parsley flakes, and other herbs and spices.

McCustomers are supposed to taste a combination of spice and "citrusy undertones."

The item is available from S$3.50 a la carte, or as an add-on to any Extra Value Meal for S$0.80.

They're recommending it with the McSpicy, so if you know someone in need of a new orifice, you know what to do.

Get the duo in a meal with coke from S$8.50.

Image via McDonald's Singapore

Image via McDonald's Singapore

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Top image via McDonald's Singapore